The Refined Ref

Just a regular outfit post, everyone. Picked out by my friend Megan (approved and accessorized by moi, of course).

I am wearing: H&M capris; thrifted blouse; Doc Marten shoes; found Shakespeare bag; DIY headband.

In other news: I am moving later this week!

In other other news: I got a Polaroid camera (IE, my dad got one for a party and never used it so I’ve been keeping it in my room and taking pictures of my dog sleeping)!

I Have Returned!

Dear blurg,
I’m home! I have returned!
Camp is the worst place for people who love clothes. All I wore were too-small shorts from last year and tee shirts from Target, with the occasional DIY crop top thrown in. Coming back to my closet was a joy and I wore an extra special outfit to celebrated my return to civilization. Here it is:

I am wearing a thrifted black velvet dress with shoulder pads and a sweetheart neckline; an old Banana Republic lace blouse, and a broach borrowed from Megan.
It’s so good to be back. Normal posting will commence soon.

Secret Style Icon: Luna Lovegood

I know, I know- you were expecting this. EVERYONE wants to be quirky and weird and cool. But NO, that’s not all! She’s so much more than that! Her clothes aren’t just randomly strung together to look as unflattering as humanly possible: they are exactly like her.

A boy, maybe 13 years old, emailed me the other day. He said he admired me for being the same person inside and out. That seemed like such a profound way of saying it to me that I began seriously considering this phenomenon. I’m not sure if he was absolutely correct (very sweet, though!) but that is what I am striving for, so if you read this, thank you.

Luna Lovegood is the same inside and out. She is dreamy and colorful but still wholesome and earthy. Her clothes aren’t obnoxious or random, but just rather unusual. The unusual part is usually what people see first, but if you look past that, Movie Luna always looks like her voice and personality. (All photo sources unknown, originally found on Google Images)

Luna still falls into the gloomy moodboard of the films while retaining her eccentric and colorful style.

Probably my favorite. The pants and hair are wonderful.

From the waist down, I’m reminded of Marlena from This is my least favorite outfit, though, because the two styles don’t mix well and the stylist probably wanted most of the attention on the magazine and glasses. BUT OH GAD HAIR. The top half, with the hair and the blazer and bag, seems more like her, and perhaps the high-tops. No idea where the skirt and tights come into the equation, but I think you get the idea.

Ah, perfect. Classic Luna. Just incredible. Mini Boden?

Now, some Luna-inspired outfits… for some reason a few are sideways or upside down. Damn it, WordPress.

Wearing thrifted blouse, Forever 21 floral overalls, Doc Marten boots.


Wearing Gap skirt (ew but it’s cool), thrifted shirt, sneakers that are made of hand-me-down whimsy. This picture is super unflattering. Whatever. Also, the lighting.


Wearing DIY hat, tutu from an old school play, Kate Spade shoes, H&M dress.


Wearing thrift store shirt, Ella Moss shirt-dress, Orla Keily skirt underneath, black Doc Marten boots (not pictured).



I am finally wearing pants/trousers! O, fraptious day!

The perfect little-cousin’s-birthday-party-outfit! Two people complimented my Docs. I wear them every day!

This is my favorite headband. It’s all embroidered and it’s so pretty!


Wearing: Vietnamese headband; Cotton On tee shirt; old cardigan that I think used to be my mom’s; hand-me-down orange corduroys; and Doctor Marten boots, as usual.

I remember that once a kid asked if I was Christian or anti-Christian while wearing this shirt because of the upside-down cross-like figures in the owl’s eyes.

“But… you’re not goth, are you?”

I really didn’t mean to rip my tights. A loose thread got caught on my chair in science. I was wearing a pretty short mostly-black dress (this) and black Doc boots. I also happened to be wearing a Vietnamese navy headband. Someone asked me if I was goth now.

My webcam is really messed up and it took 2 pictures. Which do you prefer? I like the 2nd one. it kind of looks film-ish and vintage.















Today I had the delightful experience of calling a boy who lives down the street to ask if he wanted to hang out. I was all alone on a Saturday, stuck at home, and I wanted some frozen yogurt but didn’t want to go alone. Besides, we sat together at lunch, and talked about Chuck Norris and string ensemble (he plays viola, I play upright bass), so I kind of assumed we were friends. He wasn’t home and later I got a message from the kid. He had that “uh-why-did-you-call-me-you-weirdo” tone to his voice and said “um” a lot in a very intentional way. Great. I’m getting kind of sick of how girls in the USA can’t be friends with guys. I try to be friendly and we always get along well at school, but if we hang out, suddenly it’s weird. Why can’t we all just be friends and make a cake of rainbows and smiles and then we can all eat it and be happy?

Is it my tights?

In other non-fashion-related news, I got the part of Lady Larken in the school play, “Once Upon a Mattress”. It was a lead in the original but in the middle school version I just have one song and my character is an idiot. I still get to sing, though (a duet with Sir Harry, my fiance) and so I guess that means they thought I didn’t suck at it too much. Yay me! (London Tipton, anyone?) (Oh god.) I’m pretty happy!

Wearing: Dad’s wrinkly shirt with rolled-up sleeves; thrifted denim shirt (tucked into back); Forever 21 green corduroy skirt; ripped Target tights; Docter Marten boots.


I have no post ideas, so here are some old outfit pictures. Sorry.

What did you wish for at 11:11 11/11/11?  I missed it by a few minutes and was really really really sad. But I did get a chance in the AM one.

I know nothing about politics but I always liked this shirt. Sorry everyone if he’s terrible, and you’re welcome if he’s awesome.

I was too lazy to go put on shoes for this outfit, as I haven’t left the house all day. I wore my new Docs if you were wondering. Also, as you CANNOT SEE (I HATE NOT HAVING A CAMERA) I am wearing a Vietnamese skirt and my long skirt with crosses on it that makes me feel like a mall-goth-witch-Ouija-board-maniac.

This is what I wore to my cousin’s 6th birthday dinner last night. He was adorable! This dress really is blueish purple, but Photobooth is a little beotch. Also, it looks more like a circle-skirt in dress form than a potato sack, not that you could ever tell by this picture.

I wore my Daria army jacket (not actually Daria merchandise, but it looks just like her’s!) and carried my cigar box purse. It was still quite “simple” for me, and I felt too minimalistic and plain, so I added a bunch of pins and buttons to the jacket.

I love semi-opaque tights because all knees are gross looking.

I’m working on a skirt, and it’s not looking good so far. More on that later though! Byesies, my readers, darlings! Thanks for my daily 80 page views/day on average. I know it’s not that much but it looks like a big number and I’m really happy that you guys have been so loyal to this blog! I never thought that anyone read it.

I wish I were Hermione Granger

Today I’m here to talk to you about “crazy clothes”. Quite simply, my thesis when explaining why I dress ‘like that’ is: I get dressed, and everyone else makes it weird. In other words, I wear whatever I want and society is the one who decides if it’s weird or not, not me. I dress to put on a certain character, or to express my feelings. Some people like to make drawings, etc to express themselves- I do it through sculpture, and I like to have a body, usually mine, as the template to work with. I create 3D “art” (it sounds narcissistic, and I’m not saying I’m a fashion prodigy or artist or anything, but that’s how I see fashion in general) and I wear it around. I don’t do it  because I’m a show-off, or a hipster, or an exhibitionist. I don’t do anything just for attention. I try to make art, while at the same time expressing the message that we don’t all have to be the same. If I dress the way I do, and society puts the label “weird” on it, then it is weird. If society puts the label “normal” on it, then it is normal. Labels, however important to some people, never change the outfit or what it means to me.

Someone asked me if I would still dressed the way I do if everyone else did, too. I said yes. Then I thought about it later- I would never change myself drastically for society. I gave up makeup long ago, vowing to myself to never long to be pretty again. Whether something is “flattering” no longer determines if an outfit should be worn by me or not. However, I might make some changes, tweaks, to express my feelings about the pressure to all be the same. Be smart, be athletic, be creative, or don’t… but look like robots, or else you are an attention-seeker, a hipster, a bitch, or a weirdo. I would try to dress the way I wanted, but that message is worth putting on the extra bow for, don’t you think?

That’s it. What do you think? Do weird clothes exist? If everyone dressed just like you, would you change yourself to be different?

Wearing: Chinese hat with DIY eyes; DIY dino clip; outermost shirt- thrifted. Lace shirt- found in nattic (really old).  Yellow shirt- thrifted. Skirt- Orla Kiely. Tights- Target. Collar- cut off an old Halloween costume. Shoes- Docter Martens. Random pin.Just a better look at the hat/collar/etc details. The shirt used to have shoulder pads.

Pin: “Your 15 minutes are up.”