stop motion

Two new videos made my me and Megan! You like?

This one is pretty short, and we made it in the middle of the night just for fun so we didn’t pay too much attention to detail. The second one was a lot better… but still very odd. We just wanted to make a guy dance around and got a bit carried away.

Garlicky Love

This is a silent film I made using the power of stop motion!

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts. I’ve been really uncreative with my outfits recently- just jeans, tucked-in tee shirts and a million clips and headbands. Nothing new.That is thanks to me never going out because I hardly know anyone yet- once school starts, I’ll dress more like I usually did before I started to get so laaayyzeeee.

The other day, someone asked me if I’d always had bangs. NOOO. I haven’t! So I decided to give you a little timeline of how I looked through childhood. (CUZ IM LIKE TOTALLY LIKE AN ADULLTT NOW OMG)

Age 3-5: Short, thin hair with half-bangs. They were half because I had such thin hair that my cowlick made them stand up.

I wore cute kiddy clothes, Hannah Anderson stuff, with flowers and dots and stripes. I hardly ever wore brands and my clothes rarely matched :) Is it vain to say that the clothes I used to wear were adorable, even if I couldn’t pick them out yet?

Obviously, the blondie is me.

When I was a little older, maybe 6, I wanted to be a princess. I would love to wear fancy, frilly things. This is my kindergarten class picture and I’m wearing a frilly puffy dress with pink lace. (!)Here’s me, at 10, playing a sheep in the class play. Need I point out who I am, as the only female? I do? Fine. I’m the one furthest to the right. I had long straight hair, thin wire glasses (I got them in 4th grade) and had a neutral sense of style. I had a uniform at that specific school.

At 10 or 11, I wanted to look old and mature, and all that crap. I had simple glasses, layered hair, and I was wearing a floral silk shirt in this picture. I would guess that I’m wearing skinny jeans and flats with it. I tried way to hard to be sophisticated or whatever. Hold on, did I have a tan?! I’m impressed that the past me went outside ever.

After that, I did a lot of style experimenting. I cut off all my long hair which I had for almost 4 years then, and I started wearing loud, colorful clothes and armwarmers made of socks. I’d mostly been inspired by Leslie Burke from the movie “Bridge to Terebithia”. I was like the dorky, awkward, unfitting Leslie with glasses and a limited costume selection. (L: Me, R: Leslie Burke)

(awkward 1st day of school picture with me looking like an old man in a wig and too many shirts)

Then I kind of developed into what I am now. Yaaaayyy. Rah. Etcetera. Awkward. Bye.


Here are some videos I made. The first one, “Owlets in Trippyland”, was made by me AND Squidgirl. The last one was an old joke made in 10 minutes on Fluxtime Studio. I don’t know how to get Fluxtime to video format so you’ll just have to go to the link. I know it’s bad and stupid! The middle one was made only by me and it has no plot whatsoever.

What do you think? Which one is the least terrible?