RISD Fashion Show 2012

I went to the RISD apparel design show for undergrads last week. It was ah-may-zing. I took tons of pictures on my phone but not many came out, so I got most of my pictures from here.

The collection that stood out to me the most was by Kay Goldberg (Kathryn?). It was mesmerizing. I met her in the entrance hall while I was admiring a beanie-baby hoodie that was on display in the front. She was very nice and I told her that the piece was amazing. It was really beautiful, and under the hoodie was a crocheted body-suit that Kay told me she had made by hand. The shoes were great as well; pastel tye-dye platfom sneakers with beanie baby heads safety-pinned to the heels. I believe one was a lizard and one was a bear.

The whole collection was kind of like a raggedy baby doll or something. It was kind of edgy bubblegum-punk, but in a sweet and innocent way. For no particular reason, the word “straightedge” comes to mind. Here are a few photos of that particular collection:

This next collection, by Natalia SomethingOrOther, wasn’t my favorite. The clothes seemed cheap and Urban Outfiters-ey. I can see what she was going for, though, and I think her intentions and ideas for this collection were probably much better than the product. I actually do quite like a few aspects of the outfit on the far right, but that’s pretty much it. The rest just seems kind of unoriginal, especially the second and third outfits from the left.There was also one AMAZING collection called “One for the Homies”. It was by a girl but I don’t remember her name, can’t find the program, and can’t find it online. If anyone knows anything about this, let me know and I will give you cyber hugs.