Is it okay to bring a purse made of a cigar box to school?

Science is BORING. Aaah. I don’t mind any other subjects, and I do okay in science, it’s just that it’s so BORING. Now we’re making cars and we’re going to race them. It’s supposed to teach us about Newton’s laws of motion. I know what you’re thinking… “wow, how fun! You get to play games and race cars and decorate things with glitter in class!”… but it’s not like that. It’s tedious and you need to do all these measurements and gluing and working with other people (I hate working with other people for school projects, even my best friends) and stuff. I decided to actually acomplish something useful in that time so as I worked I made some duct tape accessories. The necklace I made was terrible, so I gave it to a seventh grader and he flipped out with joy, and wore it around all day. I don’t get it either, but he’s like my favorite person now.

Pretty, aren’t they? I’m getting quite good at them and people are asking me to make them some. (Is this sarcasm?)

On an even lighter note, I went into a vintage store a few months ago and found this cool purse made of a cigar box. It was like $30 or something though (I’m cheap) so I just forgot about it until a few days ago, when I went back and saw that it was still there for less than half the original price!

Here it is! My new favorite purse!

And a question for you today: Do you prefer reading outfit posts, inspiration posts, reviews or comments on runway stuff when you read fashion blogs? Also, please let me know what you think about the title. I probably won’t  bring it but I’d like to know what you think.

Nickel Ring

Today I wore a very inconvenient outfit. I had to change in and out of it for field hockey, and as it contains a lot of layers, zippers and buttons, it was not the best choice. Also, the shirt kept bunching up and going over the belt. Otherwise, a very successful outfit indeed.

Wearing: thrifted denim shirt, thrifted dress (worn as shirt), skirt from Vietnam, old Nordstrum belt, necklace gifted from Megan, DIYnickel ring (I just glued a nickel to a ring -_-), DIY Darth Vader hairtie worn as bracelet, childhood Bigbird ring, and LL Bean Rainboots (no, not a statement; it was raining.)

Here’s the dress without the other layers. (Yes, it’s a dress, not a shirt and skirt.) I can’t wait to wear it with new Doc boots and tights, eeek! I love shoulder pads! They make me feel like a power ranger, especially with pointy belts!

That time after summer

Yesterday I went thrifting and got some shirts, but nothing I really needed. Oh, well. Here’s what I wore today; the shirt is new.

My shirt is all puffed and weird in this picture. I’ll show you a close-up:

Aren’t the buttons so cute? And the collar? And the little hearts?!! My mom says this was originally from Anthropologie… and I got this for $2.99. Lucky much? It also goes well with my strawberry prairie skirt that looks too bulky under anything else.

Everything was from a thrift store except the bow, which is from China. I wore old Salvation Army heels but was too lazy to go put them back on just for this post.

The dance is in the sun!

Today was really great! I felt very happy. I slept in, feeling refreshed, then ate cereal and watched some Daria. Later I went on Youtube and yelled at superficial, sexist people in a British accent that some people somehow believed (the accent, I mean… ahem), then I went to my bass lesson and then thrifting at Savers! A very productive day, I say! Want to see what I got? No? Too bad! This is my blog and I’ll post what I want!

The first picture is of a long wool skirt in grey plaid. It’s delightfully bulky and awkward- probably an old school uniform of sorts. IU’m holding it in the air and for some reason it looks black. The next picture is what the fabric really looks like.


Now, an awesome 80s blouse. It has shoulder pads and everything! One problem: it’s huge on me. I’ll make do. I WILL WEAR IT EVERY DAY. This happened to be the first thing that followed my mom’s mini-lecture about “dressing more normally” for the first part of my new school. Pfft! As if! The very thought…!

Detailzzz. Cuz imm a teenagerrr and wez likee to putt “z”s anddd extra lettersss at thee end of our wurdzz.

It’s salmon pink and pastel green. Someone pinch me! <3

And now… drumroll please. I saved the best for last. They’re red. They have yellow laces and little wooden heels. They make me want to say “vintage” instead of “thrifted”. They make me want to jump and never take them off! AAAH I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!

Another drumroll please, because this level of awesome requires two…

Please DON’T pinch me! I can’t wake up from this marvelous dream! It’s so beautiful! (sniffle)

If you like memes ( is part of the Cheezburger network [origin of the lolcat]) you will understand this.

What is the best thing you ever bought second-hand?

I left my head and my heart on the dance floor

(From “Meatballs”. I am beginning to reconsider what I said about the non-existance of camp fashion.)

And now…

…Another outfit post. Rah.

I really wanted to put my hair into a bunch of little buns like an 80s teenage girl and/or Savanna B but I could only achieve one. Then I stuck a bunch of clips in it, hazah! Creativity! But seriously, I just wanted to wear a niceish shirt after being in the woods wearing tee shirts and jeans for three weeks. Now I get to wear OTHER jeans and ANOTHER shirt! At least it’s a pretty print, kay? I know it’s boring.

I am also wearing eyeliner- light purple cat-eyes! It matches the nail polish on my left hand (the right is green) and the duct date bracelet I can’t take off without cutting.

How pathetic is this? I had to crouch to be in the framer because I didn’t think to just move the camera or walk forwards. 

Top: Thrifted. Jeans: Cotton On. Shoes: Docs. Bow: American Girl Doll. Other hair things: DIY.



One wing will never ever fly, dear, neither yours nor mine.

One Wing is my favorite Wilco song at the moment. That’s irrelevant to this post, but it’s been in my head for weeks and I thought I’d share.

What I really wanted to say was this: I MOVED! I moved out of Shenzhen, China, and I never have to go back! I mean, it was a good experience and all, but I really took fresh air and quiet for granted. And, you know, everything NOT being under construction so you need to hop over ditches and wires to walk to school. I love Providence! It’s so beautiful! I don’t have any pictures of downtown at the moment, but I will later today and I’ll post them then. For now, enjoy what I can see out of my windows.

(My new room with a blue floor!)

I also went thrifting for the first time in AGES. I went to the Salvation Army and got 4 things: a button-down print shirt, a grey blazer, a black blazer, and an eighties yellow striped tee shirt that hangs off one shoulder. Here are some pictures! Yaaaayyy! (sorry if they’re blurry, my camera sucks.)

This was $5!

$5.99Don’t remember how much this cost

I’ve been searching for a striped tee shirt to wear tucked into cuffed jeans for the summer with clogs or all-stars. It’s kind of my goal outfit for the next couple months. I was really craving one with longer sleeves and more fitted, but I like the color a lot.

OH! And one last note: I went into a tiny shoe store called “Berks” today and found the more amazing pair of floral Doc Marten’s ankle boots! Ah, Providence. I love them soooo much. I feel like they’re calling out to me! The thing is, they cost $120. I tried begging my mom to buy them for me, but I don’t think she will. I’m considering caving in and giving up my savings for this pair of shoes, but I don’t want to. If anyone knows where I can buy used Docs (including the internet) email me or tell me in the comments!

Here’s what I wore today- my new thrifted shirt is beautious!

Details, details!

Wearing~ shirt: Salvation Army. Shorts: Cotton On (HK). Shoes: supposed to be Vans, but aren’t :3 Bow on shorts: childhood

In the comments: Have you ever completely fallen in love with a pair of shoes?