Tommy Ton: Street Style

Photographer Tommy Ton shot some street style around the 2013 Spring shows. Here are just a few of my favorites.


The beading is incredible, but something about that embroidered circle in the middle of the chest just makes me ^O^

Oh hey. Comme Des Garcons and “That Girl” ‘s lovechild

DAT SKIRT. Seriously. The closest thing I have to that is Jesus bandaids that I use decoratively on sweaters.

When I grow my bangs out this will be the first thing I try.

And now, my very very favorite picture I saw that speaks for itself…

Meadham Kitchoff

It looks like somebody just stuck the fashion turd, a few clowns, a cute white kitten, a few Lime Crime lipsticks, and Twiggy’s eyes into a blender, poured it all into model-shaped tins, and let it solidify. No? Must be Meadham Kitchoff’s new Spring 2012 RTW collection.

Featured on Rookie, and countless Tumblrs and fashion blogs, this unique and beautiful show is getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Maya Singer from recalls that “[it] had a few showgoers shedding tears”. Somehow, the candy-colored display of clothing (not to mention hair and makeup, which were huge parts), which looked like mega-colorful vintage cartoons, was strangely touching. It ranged from bright solid colors to frilly lace pastels, from slender silhouettes to giant crinoline-like skirts. I even remember seeing one outfit (online, of course) that reminded me strangely of a baby doll, with a cape, “onesie” (not really) and bonnet.

Click the images to make them larger. What do you think? It’s making me want to get rainbow hair! In fact… stay tuned to see if I actually try to go through with something similar. Here’s the first image I found, which I think sums up the whole collection nicely.

PS: Go to Rookie (click the link in this post) and find the beautiful crowns!


Merci Beaucoup spring/summer 2011 collection

I LOVE this collection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If everything wasn’t hundreds of dollars, I would have bought it all by now!

It’s colorful and fun, and the clothes actually look really comfortable. It’s the kind of thing you would want to put on and spin around in. Here’s the video:¬†

What I love is that the designer somehow found a way to make the clothing look pastel-ish, without using the cliched actually-pastel pinks and light greens that we always think of when we think of spring. It might have something to do with the light hair of the model in the first picture, but there is definitely a creative mind behind the outfits, as well.

I’m pretty sure you can click to enlarge. Anyway, isn’t it pretty? I would definitely wear those pinkish-white pants. The reason I chose to show this picture is that I’m not to fond of super-baggy (cough cough DIAPER PANTS cough) pants, because they’re so unflattering, which most of this collection is composed of. But I believe the colors and the rest of the outfit makes up for all of those. This outfit happens to be my favorite.

I don’t really understand the bone theme, but I like it. It reminds me of that baby girl from the Flinstones… gah, I forgot her name! But she really looks like a cartoon schoolgirl, and I like that. I like how it looks solid and confident but also loose and comfortable. The socks and shoes make the outfit. They lighten it up and remind you that it is Spring. Don’t even get me started on that hair! It’s fantastic!

I needed to show both sides of this outfit because they are so different. The front looks almost South-American in some way, and the leggings remind me of 80s exercise clothes, but more ‘formal’, if putting it like that makes any sense. Again, the bone theme. I like it.

That’s all for now, folks!