Crisp, ironed and powder blue

This is just my normal face. Don’t worry about it. I’m wearing: hand-me-down J Crew (most likely) sweater, second hand shirt, Orla Kiely skirt/shorts, field hockey socks rolled down from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Dr. Marten shoes. Extremely messy and twisted hair is courtesy of me sleeping in this morning so I didn’t have time to brush it, and then being in the rain. I just love the starfish and stripes, don’t you?! I wanted to wear these shoes but one of them broke so I can’t. Sad face.

Besides having an awful hair day, a Wednesday, sleeping in, and having two tests, today was a nice day. It was pouring out, and it was cold outside. I also got to wear a new shirt (the powder blue one in the picture) and because of testing I didn’t get much homework, which means I can spend more time with TRL!

How was your day today? Tell me in the comments, I love to be nosy. Ugh. Saying “tell me in the comments” makes me sound like I’m so full of myself and my blog, and that I’m basically a walking advertisement for some website that doesn’t even have its own domain. It reminds me of the end of this video:

Here are some more of my outfit details.

My favorite song is “Statues” by Alexandre Desplat

This is what I looked like today standing still and spinning. I think this outfit, and variations of it, will be reoccurring for me this fall and early winter. It’s warm and fun, and includes some of my favorite articles of clothing.

I also enjoy drawing little eyelash-lines under my eyes. They make me feel like an ugly, old-fashioned china doll. I love it! It puts eyeliner to good use.

Here’s a close-up of the fabrics. I love the shirt and skirt prints together.

Also, the title is true, and here’s a video of it because i don’t know how to attach a music file to a blog post. If you recognize it I will be your friend. I feel super emotional whenever i hear it and i have to hold back tears. Some song do that to you.


The songs that really touch me musically (queue the “aww”s)  are: “One Wing” by Wilco, “I Will Follow Him” from The Sister Act, that violin solo in “Spring” from The 4 Seasons by Vivaldi, and the song mentioned in the title. I don’t know why, but whenever i hear them I feel really sentimental.Actually, I will be your SUPER friend if you recognize all of these!

Fun fact: Memebase (part of the Cheezburger network) uses WordPress as a template. Who knew?


Guess who didn’t go to the midnight premier of HP?

I had the best time in Vermont! It was amazing and it felt great to have fresh air in my lungs and a blue sky over my head. It was very inspiring of drawings and songs I created while I was there. Being in the mountains also made me realize how little people appreciate a blue sky when it’s there every day- I never realized how much of an affect the lack of it would have on me until I was trapped under it for so long. On the last day of camp, four people were chosen to hold a candle that represented each of the four elements while everyone else sobbed and sang (about the end of camp, not the candles… ahem) and I was given the “air” candle for my “appreciation of air and the sky”. That really made me think.

Anyway, I’m sorry my mom neglected to post for me. She had good intentions, she still likes you guys! She just didn’t want to mess up my blog and embarrass me. Unfortunately, that made most of you guys go away so I’m going to have to get re-connected and you can help by spreading the word about this blog! I’m sorry. I promise I don’t mean to be such a walking advertisement.

I’m very aware that it’s June, but I’m going to a new school next year and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. 8th grade is uber important! It will affect the rest of my life: my grades will affect my high school, college and then career, and because I’m not moving again after this, the friends and (hopefully not) enemies will stay with me through high school and maybe beyond. I can’t think of a year in my life that will be more important than 8th grade. Maybe my junior year of HS?

Either way, I’m going to be posting some back-to-school vibes, some of which I might have already posted., Tavi (style rookie), random Tumblr,, Lexi (quirky explosion), Bridge to Terabithia

Ahh, I love cool shoes and sharpening pencils. I also love my handwriting on the first week of school. Just writing this is making me excited for the fall- my favorite season for weather and fashion!

While I was at camp, I noticed there is no such thing as summer camp fashion, so, at the same time, there was. The lack of creativity in the way people dressed inspired creativity in general, I suppose. There was a very specific “style”: friendship bracelets and other random things strangling one arm , wearing the clothes you don’t care about getting dirty, big rainboots for easy access and to keep out mud. Here’s a little snippet of what I usually wore at camp. (My boots had holes in them and I had to throw them out.)


That’s about all I have to show you now. Just be sure to check for updates because I’m going to begin to post regularly again. As a “PS”, I am in the middle of sewing a skirt and I have just finished a bow and a belt. Here’s the belt.Eek! A few threads came loose!Details.