My parents went to Paris last week and my mom brought me back a present. An amazing present. Seriously.

Repetto ballet flats!!! ^.^

My feet felt so dainty and small after wearing those Doc Marten boots for about a month straight. I love these, they’re super cool, but I don’t really know how to wear them uniquely. Leave me a comment!

Love, Ruby

That time after summer

Yesterday I went thrifting and got some shirts, but nothing I really needed. Oh, well. Here’s what I wore today; the shirt is new.

My shirt is all puffed and weird in this picture. I’ll show you a close-up:

Aren’t the buttons so cute? And the collar? And the little hearts?!! My mom says this was originally from Anthropologie… and I got this for $2.99. Lucky much? It also goes well with my strawberry prairie skirt that looks too bulky under anything else.

Everything was from a thrift store except the bow, which is from China. I wore old Salvation Army heels but was too lazy to go put them back on just for this post.

Nobody sees the goalie’s cute skirt!

…But I love these cute field hockey uniforms! They’re the best part of playing a sport. (there’s not much competition for the “best things about sports” award, if you ask me.) We get to wear adorable little skirts and knee socks! We also have to keep our bangs out of our faces… and I have to put mine in a tiny ponytail in front of my head like a unicorn -_- SERIOUSLY HAIR?!!

Speaking of which, there are some serious 90s cheerleader vibes going on on the back of my head. We all had to wear ribbon bows for our ponytails!So much homework and shiz going on, but I’m going to start making some more frequent and interesting posts soon when I get into the swing of things a little more. Nobody reads a fashion blog to see a hockey uniform. So I’ll show you my fascinating bedroom instead! Everyone wants to see that!Things to note: Weird painting of a pink guy with a bird on his head (too dark to see the bird), halloween decorations, copy of HP7

Near the door. Things to note: Bass, statue of some weird elf guy or something (my nightstand for now), portrait of Spud McKenzie.

My favorite corner! TTN: Vintage mirror covered in beads, giant stuffed dog, Hong Kong movie poster, comfy low chair

Also, the following pictures are random from my computer. THEY HAVE NO KNOWN SOURCES. Please please tell me if a) they are yours, or b) you know the source. If you want them down tell me and I’ll take them off immediately. They are most likely from a random Google image or one of the blogs in my blogroll, if that helps.

From Dayzee’s blog

THiS IS THE MOST ADORABLE SHOE STYLE! My friend Megan has similar ones (below):

Sorry, but I think Megan’s are even cuter; they have 2 straps and BOWS! <3

For good measure, here’s her whole outfit:

She wears bindis and chunky funky (!) necklaces. Sorry the picture is so dark.
I wish I were Daria.
Actually, I know this source. It’s from Tavi’s new web zine, Rookie. This cute little kid in the collar is really cool, find the article about her, I’m too lazy to find the actual link. It was posted yesterday or the day before if that helps :\

Probably, but I don’t know. I’m stupid; I just save cool stuff onto my desktop without bothering to link back to where I got it.  Also I want a cape.


That’s all, friends. Fartheewell or something.

a pathetic 5000 views

I’m back! I come with new clothes! And shoes! Yes!

First, an outfit (None of it was bought second-hand. I think I deserve a round of applause) (sale sections FTW):

Wearing: Shirt- J Crew, I think? Maybe H&M? Something like that. Skirt: Urban Outfitters (ikr?) Necklace: old. Shoe: Nordstrom. 

This is the other stuff I got. Shall I model some for you? Yes? No? Too bad. ARMYJACKETSI<3YOU

(Yeah, that’s Spud Mackenzie in the background. So what if I enjoy looking at his portrait in pop-art form while in my own room ?)

SECRET: The first picture is an XXXL from Baby Gap. No joke.


The dance is in the sun!

Today was really great! I felt very happy. I slept in, feeling refreshed, then ate cereal and watched some Daria. Later I went on Youtube and yelled at superficial, sexist people in a British accent that some people somehow believed (the accent, I mean… ahem), then I went to my bass lesson and then thrifting at Savers! A very productive day, I say! Want to see what I got? No? Too bad! This is my blog and I’ll post what I want!

The first picture is of a long wool skirt in grey plaid. It’s delightfully bulky and awkward- probably an old school uniform of sorts. IU’m holding it in the air and for some reason it looks black. The next picture is what the fabric really looks like.


Now, an awesome 80s blouse. It has shoulder pads and everything! One problem: it’s huge on me. I’ll make do. I WILL WEAR IT EVERY DAY. This happened to be the first thing that followed my mom’s mini-lecture about “dressing more normally” for the first part of my new school. Pfft! As if! The very thought…!

Detailzzz. Cuz imm a teenagerrr and wez likee to putt “z”s anddd extra lettersss at thee end of our wurdzz.

It’s salmon pink and pastel green. Someone pinch me! <3

And now… drumroll please. I saved the best for last. They’re red. They have yellow laces and little wooden heels. They make me want to say “vintage” instead of “thrifted”. They make me want to jump and never take them off! AAAH I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!

Another drumroll please, because this level of awesome requires two…

Please DON’T pinch me! I can’t wake up from this marvelous dream! It’s so beautiful! (sniffle)

If you like memes ( is part of the Cheezburger network [origin of the lolcat]) you will understand this.

What is the best thing you ever bought second-hand?

You and I, we might be strangers

Heh, enjoying my creepy GIF? I originally did it as a picture of my new yellow shirt for the blog, but it turned out shadowey so I took another picture without moving the camera, and voila. I’m sure that was absolutely fascinating. Don’t worry, that’s not what this post is for, making that (which took 5 seconds) just made me feel really techmawlogie smuurrt.

Sooo, the real point was that I was walking around Providence today… I KNOW RIGHT?!?… and I stepped into Berk’s (as some readers may recall, my new favorite shoe and clothing store) to gaze longingly at the most beautiful and expensive Docs I’ve ever wanted this badly. Then my mom said she found a near identical pair online for about 2 thirds the price, which still left me $40 in my shoe budget (AKA life savings which I spend on shoes) so I bought this uh-maaaayzing pair of shoes! It’s still expensive, but I occasionally spend a lot on really beautiful things that will last me a long time. They had them in black and white, but I couldn’t resist the yellow! I LUV THEMMM. Still, not as much as the Docs, but one less awesome pair of shoes now and one awesome later is better than one awesome pair now… right? Here are some pictures of Providence and Berk’s.










And here are my new Vans, and what I wore today! Now that I live in a place with no constant construction or  pollution that blocks out the sun, outside pictures will become more frequent.


Wearing~ Tee: Cotton On. Skirt: from Vietnamese hill tribe. Shoes: Gladiators. (It was raining and I didn’t wanna ruin my new Vans)