Secret Style Icon: Luna Lovegood

I know, I know- you were expecting this. EVERYONE wants to be quirky and weird and cool. But NO, that’s not all! She’s so much more than that! Her clothes aren’t just randomly strung together to look as unflattering as humanly possible: they are exactly like her.

A boy, maybe 13 years old, emailed me the other day. He said he admired me for being the same person inside and out. That seemed like such a profound way of saying it to me that I began seriously considering this phenomenon. I’m not sure if he was absolutely correct (very sweet, though!) but that is what I am striving for, so if you read this, thank you.

Luna Lovegood is the same inside and out. She is dreamy and colorful but still wholesome and earthy. Her clothes aren’t obnoxious or random, but just rather unusual. The unusual part is usually what people see first, but if you look past that, Movie Luna always looks like her voice and personality. (All photo sources unknown, originally found on Google Images)

Luna still falls into the gloomy moodboard of the films while retaining her eccentric and colorful style.

Probably my favorite. The pants and hair are wonderful.

From the waist down, I’m reminded of Marlena from This is my least favorite outfit, though, because the two styles don’t mix well and the stylist probably wanted most of the attention on the magazine and glasses. BUT OH GAD HAIR. The top half, with the hair and the blazer and bag, seems more like her, and perhaps the high-tops. No idea where the skirt and tights come into the equation, but I think you get the idea.

Ah, perfect. Classic Luna. Just incredible. Mini Boden?

Now, some Luna-inspired outfits… for some reason a few are sideways or upside down. Damn it, WordPress.

Wearing thrifted blouse, Forever 21 floral overalls, Doc Marten boots.


Wearing Gap skirt (ew but it’s cool), thrifted shirt, sneakers that are made of hand-me-down whimsy. This picture is super unflattering. Whatever. Also, the lighting.


Wearing DIY hat, tutu from an old school play, Kate Spade shoes, H&M dress.


Wearing thrift store shirt, Ella Moss shirt-dress, Orla Keily skirt underneath, black Doc Marten boots (not pictured).

Black Ribbon

Recently I’ve been wearing a black ribbon every day. Not on purpose, but every day, usually as a choker or in my hair, or like Sandy from Grease (ribbon ponytail) but with longer bangs. I like how it looks with my super-pale skin- like a vampire. Here’s what I look like and some more black ribbon stuff because I just like the idea of wearing it as a tie. Also, ignore my messy hair.

“The Schoolgirl”

“The Sandy”

“The MeadhamKirchhoff Choker

“The Cute Japanese School Uniform”

The inspiration (especially for the last one)

Jason Wu Fall 2011

Emile Hirsch (I actually don’t know who he is… an actor, right?)

Meadham Kirchhoff RTW Spring 2012 (Is this what Twiggy’s eyes look like when she cries?)

Alexa Chung

Jenny (but her ribbon was green)


You probably remember Savvy from A Witch’s Style. Her old address ( has magically been deleted! Eek! It’s really too bad because she had some awesome outfit posts. But she’s going to continue blogging from her new domain ( so quit your crying and update the link in your blogroll! I just thought I’d let you know because I was upset about her blog being gone, as it was one of my favorites, and now I get to see it again!

Nobody sees the goalie’s cute skirt!

…But I love these cute field hockey uniforms! They’re the best part of playing a sport. (there’s not much competition for the “best things about sports” award, if you ask me.) We get to wear adorable little skirts and knee socks! We also have to keep our bangs out of our faces… and I have to put mine in a tiny ponytail in front of my head like a unicorn -_- SERIOUSLY HAIR?!!

Speaking of which, there are some serious 90s cheerleader vibes going on on the back of my head. We all had to wear ribbon bows for our ponytails!So much homework and shiz going on, but I’m going to start making some more frequent and interesting posts soon when I get into the swing of things a little more. Nobody reads a fashion blog to see a hockey uniform. So I’ll show you my fascinating bedroom instead! Everyone wants to see that!Things to note: Weird painting of a pink guy with a bird on his head (too dark to see the bird), halloween decorations, copy of HP7

Near the door. Things to note: Bass, statue of some weird elf guy or something (my nightstand for now), portrait of Spud McKenzie.

My favorite corner! TTN: Vintage mirror covered in beads, giant stuffed dog, Hong Kong movie poster, comfy low chair

Also, the following pictures are random from my computer. THEY HAVE NO KNOWN SOURCES. Please please tell me if a) they are yours, or b) you know the source. If you want them down tell me and I’ll take them off immediately. They are most likely from a random Google image or one of the blogs in my blogroll, if that helps.

From Dayzee’s blog

THiS IS THE MOST ADORABLE SHOE STYLE! My friend Megan has similar ones (below):

Sorry, but I think Megan’s are even cuter; they have 2 straps and BOWS! <3

For good measure, here’s her whole outfit:

She wears bindis and chunky funky (!) necklaces. Sorry the picture is so dark.
I wish I were Daria.
Actually, I know this source. It’s from Tavi’s new web zine, Rookie. This cute little kid in the collar is really cool, find the article about her, I’m too lazy to find the actual link. It was posted yesterday or the day before if that helps :\

Probably, but I don’t know. I’m stupid; I just save cool stuff onto my desktop without bothering to link back to where I got it.  Also I want a cape.


That’s all, friends. Fartheewell or something.

Inspiring unicorns have mohawks

This inspiration post is made of  some random inspiration pictures I have on my computer from some Tumblrs, blogs, and maybe or something like that. I don’t remember ANY sources (I’m a bad blogger, shame on me!) so let me know in the comments if you know where they came from/ they are yours. I’ll take them down right away if you want me to, but in the mean time, be inspired!

Rainbow vomit nails <3 No outfit post today because I was wearing a Wilco tee and a Vietnamese skirt, the usual.

EDIT: Just got a comment saying that the third image is from ‘Naturally Dapper’. Thanks :)

EDIT: Also, the 5th image’s dress is from Anthropologie and apparently it’s a very nice fabric with silky straps.

“the lean silhouette he opted for was more cerebral than sensual, even if the opening hits of broom yellow and lilac did suggest local summer flora…” -Tim Blanks

Couldn’t have put it better myself. The show was soooo nice and it reminds me of my newish yellow cardigan that was in a few recent posts. With the lilac, though, it looks more like summer than spring, like  if a little kid making a daisy chain on the beach took business-woman form- actually, daisies is a good comparison. It looks like… daisies.

Did I mention which show this is? It’s the Chanel resort 2012 collection. The only thing I don’t like is the shoes, they just take away from the outfits as a whole. They look kind of tacky and like the designer simply threw them in at the last minute. It makes them less flattering and more boring. They are okay in the last picture I posted, but otherwise they don’t seem like they go well at all.

And as a closing note, here’s some weekend inspiration and the manicure I gave myself. Dots are easy, okay?!!

Photos from (in order) Tokyo Bopper (2) , FRUiTS, Spank! girls, Now This is Gothic (2) , and an unknown source. If you recognize the last picture email me and I’ll source it correctly or take it down if you want.

,  Excuse my awkward face.

Pretty in pink (and yellow and blue)

(pictures from Self-Constructed Freak, Spank!, and the movie Edward Scissorhands. I based my outfit mostly around the last picture, that movie has always been idea-triggering to me and it was my main inspiration today. That, and that I found my mom’s old holey sweater that she said I could have, and I was overjoyed at it’s yellow-ness and I based my outfit around that! Oh, and today was the least grey-looking day in a long time, so I took some pictures outside in front of bushes and stuff to make it look all lush and green. Is it working??!

 (my dog Iggy came to say hi)

Sweater: hand-me-downed from my mom. shirt: Urumtees. Jeans: um, Old Navy or Gap maybe?? Voodoo doll brooch: (you may recall that in my last post it was a necklace, but I transformed it for the sake of this outfit) Necklaces: self-made, gift, and unknown. (That was helpful.) Cat ear barrettes: a drugstore or something. Rings: from childhood, self-made. Bag: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN! I LOVE YOU MOM!

I hardly ever wear any jeans except for my mom’s old boyfreiend rolled-up jeans, but I needed light ones for my outfit and I had gym class today so I couldn’t wear a skirt. They are skinny jeans AND they have tears in them, which I hate!!! Tear tear! I don’t like having gym 3 times a week, it ruins my wardrobe selection!

I love Spank, by the way. In case I haven’t told you yet. It makes me want to move to Japan and live among the pretty plastic  barrettes and pastel unicorn-hair-woven dresses. BUT DON’T GO THERE OR YOU’LL BE EATEN  BY A GLITTERY NINETIES FAIRY AND HER PINK ELF PONY