Nickel Ring

Today I wore a very inconvenient outfit. I had to change in and out of it for field hockey, and as it contains a lot of layers, zippers and buttons, it was not the best choice. Also, the shirt kept bunching up and going over the belt. Otherwise, a very successful outfit indeed.

Wearing: thrifted denim shirt, thrifted dress (worn as shirt), skirt from Vietnam, old Nordstrum belt, necklace gifted from Megan, DIYnickel ring (I just glued a nickel to a ring -_-), DIY Darth Vader hairtie worn as bracelet, childhood Bigbird ring, and LL Bean Rainboots (no, not a statement; it was raining.)

Here’s the dress without the other layers. (Yes, it’s a dress, not a shirt and skirt.) I can’t wait to wear it with new Doc boots and tights, eeek! I love shoulder pads! They make me feel like a power ranger, especially with pointy belts!

Oh, I didn’t die- I should be satisfied

Today was day #3 of my fashion design and construction class at RISD. Yesterday we just watched some fashion shows (sadly, some were not new to me. I should stop checking so much and it won’t happen! :( ) and decorated our portfolios with fashion magazines. Not much, but it was day one. Then we learned the proper way to sketch models when drawing clothing on them and we were assigned themes to design outfits for, which was harder. Today we brought in a piece of clothing and basically maimed it and tommorow we’re putting it back together and then making an exact copy with different fabric! Eee! I don’t have a sewing machine yet and this is going to be refreshing!

I also made a few things today, including fishnet/lace armwarmers, a tulle cuff of sorts, and a bouquet of plastic wristbands made into a pin.

I also jumped back into the blogosphere. My viewers had gone down by 70% while I was at camp and I started to reconnect with some people and read some more blogs. My daily reads are usually Tavi, Self-Constructed-Freak, Quirky Explosion, and A Witch’s Style, but now I’m starting to read more than that. Eep, I’m gonna need a bigger blogroll!

Unknown, unknown but of Jeff Tweedy, Tavi, FRUiTs, Paper or Plastic?, me (work in progress), and me.

I finally organized my closet, too. The following picture of Narnia doesn’t even include my dresser drawers. I never realized how many clothes I had! Most are actually hand-me-downed from my mom or bought in China straight out of the factory for ubercheap, but STILLL.

Now, to make this post even longer  more exciting, here are a few pictures I liked especially from today. It’s fall couture! The first two are from Valentino, I think (please correct me if I’m wrong, my memory is like that of an old man’s goldfish) and the rest are Chanel.

 The best part are those lace/tulle masks/eye-veil-thingos. I actually tried to make a purple on today until I realized it wouldn’t work with my glasses or my bangs. The third picture with the white boots reminded me of Chanel’s resort 2012 collection, except, If I remember, those had flip-flop toes and thinner heels.

Ugh, I just started to write about Alexander MQ’s show but then I remembered I already did a post about it ( so I had to go deletedeletedelete and then cried myself to sleep. Not really.

Bye, y’all!

Wearing: Sweater: Cotton On. Tee: Urumtees. Shorts: old. Shoes: Vans. Holding a popsicle.

I’m embarrassed to…

…ask to take peoples’ photograph! It’s never been a problem for me before I got into fashion, but today I saw this woman in the airport (I was coming back from my vacation in Thaaaaiiilaaannd!) who was wearing this AMAZING floral top and these bleached jeans and gladiators and a straw hat, and she looked awesome. I just wanted to take a picture for the ruby lotus, but I was too embarrassed to ask! I wish I had now, but I can’t go back in time, so I drew a picture of the outfit. Please excuse my bad drawing skills. Does anyone have any tips on how to overcome my fear of, well, interacting with humans in this situation?

Oh, yeah… and I just got a copy of Gap Press. It’s this really thick fashion magazine that has a bunch of photos from Fashion Week in it. The captions are in English and Japanese, so I think the magazine is from Japan. This issue is for 2011/12 A/W shows in Milan and New York. My favorite show was the one by Prada.

Prada mixed 1920s femininity with the glamour from the sixties to create these outfits. They have bold colors and frilly hats, with fish-like scaly dresses. There are (fake) snakeskin boots and (fake) fur scarve-ish things draping around the models’ shoulders. It was so classy and elegant! There are more than one things in this show I would die to have. Those would probably be the reddish plastic-scaled skirt, a mustard-colored fluffy headpiece that wraps around like a bowling ball cover, and a pair of ANY of those boots. The scaly items look like if we went to the distant future and introduced the people to the style of the 1920s. It’s modern and classic at the same time. I also am falling in love with the low-waisted numbers and the oversized buttons on the coats. Here’s the article: And here are some pictures of the show.

So, that’s my review on PRADA. Tell me what you think in the comments! Have a nice day! :)
Love, Ruby

Hello world!

Welcome to my fashion blog! It’s called the Ruby Lotus because, well, my name is Ruby, and I live in China, which has a lot of lotus flowers. This is my first post… so I don’t have very much to write about. I hope you like reading this blog! I’ve never tried blogging before, but I’ve always had an interest in fashion.

Oh, yeah. My header painting is by  Alex Florschutz.

I guess I’ll start by adding a picture of myself and what I wore today. Well, see you later, when I have something interesting to say!

Bow: H&M. Top: mom’s old Wilco tee. Skirt: Vietnamese tribal skirt that I got in the street ‘shops’ in Vietnam. Boots: I don’t know, but they say “E” on the inside.