lumos, nox

I have changed my moodboard since school started yesterday. I wore my grey asymmetrical long skirt and a yellow tee shirt (toned down enough for you, parents?) I’m kind of going more for the pretty, light fall colors (off-white wool, etc) instead of that old witch-vibe-filled goodness that took the name of my late August. I also want to get a knitted beret because they are very flattering and pointless. They look good on everyone.

This is also the season for wavy light-brown hair, feathery bangs and side braids.  (She kind of looks like an elf or a nymph, doesn’t she?)



I got a haircut today. I took off an inch or two, got layers, and some blunt bangs. I also died the tips of my hair blue, and it turned out better than I thought it would! I really love the result. The idea of dying my hair blue actually began when I was creating this post. You watched me grow into the person I am now! Sniff! Awww!

Wearing: Tee by H&M, collar made and added by me, Sinful Colors nail polish

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Spank! hair and other stuff

I went to an arcade with my little brother today, and on the way back we stopped at a drugstore and I bought these cute little apple barrettes. From a distance I thought they were light pastels and got really excited, and I was all, “OMG I’M GONNA HAVE SPANK! HAIR LALALALALA”, but then I was all, “Oh, I guess I will simply have awesome hair as opposed to super-awesome hair.” So I bought these. They might not be pastel or even remotely Spank-ish like I thought, but I still love them.

When I got home, I looked in my room and found that I got some more awesome hand-me-downs (could you even call them that?) from my mom. She gave me this old Napoleon Dynamite wig she found in the depths of her closet, and a pretty necklace with leaf-thingies on them. Then, rummaging through random boxes and stuff, I found one more necklace, a plain plastic headband with infinite possibilities, and a hat for one of my old dolls, which I will now wear as my own. Too small? Nothing a couple bobby pins can’t solve.

 Wow. This picture sucks. Sorry. I had to hold my laptop over my bed to take the picture and I moved but I’m too lazy to redo it.

 Goooossshhh. “You look like my mom in 1982.” -dad

Oh, how I love tiny hats.

Ignore the owl pendant, I’m always wearing that. The necklaces mentioned above are the long shiny one and the chunky red/orange one. I love them both, but I wonder if what I wear is “elegant” enough for the leaf necklace, it’s so pretty and dainty. Oh! I almost forgot! I recently discovered Alex Prager, this really awesome photographer. She’s self-taught, and her photos are incredible.

These are my 2 favorite pictures. Bahbabababa, I’m lovin’ it. Especially the last one.

See ya. xx Ruby

DIY accessories!

I took out what I had left of my supplies here in China and I made some cute accessories to wear to school or something.Ugh, I hate saying “cute” to describe anything clothes-related, but seriously, they look like soft little puffballs of fun! I quite like how they turned out, actually, considering this was my first time making a dumpling-shaped-decoration headband. I forgot what those are called. : P

So, here are some wonderful pictures of what I made today!! I made a puffy little dumpling-shaped-decoration headband, a bracelet made out of ribbon and other broken bracelets, and I sewed teeny tiny faces onto my teeny tiny socks (just kidding, I’m a size 8 in shoes and I’m only 13 and 5’1”. I think my socks are anything but teeny tiny). Enjoy- or else!

Oops. The top part of my dumpling hair-piece deflated. Wah.

Mr sockey, my new bracelet, and the fabulous headband I am rather proud of.

quick post- today i will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

I came across this picture on “A Witch’s Style” today and I really liked it!!! The writer of the blog drew it herself, I think, and it’s really cool. SO, I dedicated a picture to THIS picture.

I did a crappy job of editing this photo. Not very realistic hair color. You can see the jagged edges :P


I got some new clothes today! My computer just went BLAHDGSSDBLJDGNZONKS, and it deleted this entire post!!!! I’M SO SAD! But at least I saved the pictures. Here, I’ll re-do it for you, my lovely readers. Be thankful!

Firstly, I got a perrdyyy denim Orla Kiely dress from my mother dearest. She never wore it because a button was missing. I love it so much, I want to wear it until it rots! It’s almost floor-length on me so I’m getting it tailored to be shorter, and I’ll take a button from the chopped-off bit and sew it where one is missing. Yay! Here is a piccy of it:

My other thing I got, also from my mom, is the best pants ever. Yes, EVERRR. They are loose and retro and plaid and colorful and soft and comfy and pretty! PLUS, the pink parts of the plaid match my bedspread! The only thing is that they are too big around the waist, and too long, and I don’t think they’re supposed to be this loose. But I made it work with a little belt thingy. Here it is:

Do you LOVE them?! I sure do! They are my new favorite thing! I’m so wearing them to school tomorrow. I’m so excited I already put together this outfit for tomorrow!

Shirt: Gardener 10th anniversary. Pants: vintage. Shoes: my ruby slippers from the school play. Scrunchie thingo: got it in Vietnam. Bunny barrette: made it myself. Belt: I think it might be a scarf or part of a bathrobe, I don’t know.

I really want you to see my awesome hair, too. So HERE you go!Now you can see my scrunchie, sort-of barrette, and my fabulous duck face. I’ll do one last picture of the barrette, just because I’m so proud.

I think I’m going to end this post before my computer discards my draft again. GGGRRRR.

Oh, wait! Today I discovered! It is so cool! I love this witch’s style! (No, I’m not being mean, it’s the name of her blog!)