Goth Fashion

I am SO into the gothic subculture these days, especially re:fashion. I’ve been wearing mostly black for a couple years now, but only in the past six months or so have I discovered goth, different variations of it, and come to love it.

I see a lot of punk/goth overlap in the traditional deathrock style:

punkliverpoolPunks in Liverpool [photo by Frank Downes on]

Sebastian Columbine is one of my favorite modern goth icons and I look up to her immensely.

seb seb2Her use of fishnets in like every outfit is tdf. ANd her HaIr is perFEctIon.

I feel similarly about KazLovesBats:

00And finally, here’s a blogger’s outfit that I think fits this theme:

mollybcissac.blogspot[] It’s a more modern chic take but I still really like it.

I personally am more into cutesy, borderline-lolita gothic styles, which is what makes me the biggest poseur ever. I love pastel goth, which is highly frowned upon in the gothic community, just because I love cute things and wide eyes and softness. I love the dark element of goth, but not so much the harshness. Gothic Lolita is more my scene but I’m not rich or talented enough to get or make those clothes.

A common outfit for me these days is a black band tee shirt with fishnets underneath on my arms, spiked bracelets, a flouncy black circle skirt with a petticoat, striped stockings, and combat boots.

I recently ordered some fuzzy black legwarmers to put over my boots- I think that will really add that cutesy element that I love. I also bought black bloomers (the poofy kind, not the lacey kind) which I’ve been wearing as shorts.

Skirts and shorts with suspenders I’m also a big fan of these days.Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.42.12 AMMe in a dress with a petticoat, fuzzy legwarmers, and boots.