GUEST POST: DIY Marble Shorts

NOTE: Yes, I am still at camp, and this is a scheduled *guest post* by Sarah Miller. I will continue normal posting when I get back from camp in late August.

I usually don’t like shorts. But I like shorts now. Mostly because I have an easy way to turn jeans into the best shorts. Here is how.

1. Sort through your stacks of jeans. If you are lucky a cute and tiny dog will give you support. Find a pair you are willing to destroy with love and magic.

2. Use a straight edge to draw the cutting line. This part is sort of important; this is where you want to cut them at an angle like I did in the picture. I promise it is just more flattering. Cut above the line.

3. You will use some bleach and a bucket for this part. Take all of your items outside.

Most likely your current pair of new cut off shorts will be a terribly dumb color. So you have a choice, dip the whole dang pair in the bucket, use a stick to splatter, or do a gradual dip like this:

The first dip is quick and you can immediately see the colors changing. Rinse them off and pour more bleach in the bucket.

4. Then just dip the tips of the shorts and leave them in the bleach for about 10 minutes. Don’t worry about the dips being perfect because the more messy the splashes, the prettier the shorts.

I love the marbled effect.

5. Rinse again, wash, and you are now a boss man or lady.

Some tips & things:
*if you skip the rinsing parts there will be more marble.
*dispose of the bleach in a nice way.
*tighter jeans don’t work quite as well.
*don’t let tiny dogs help during the bleach part. It could hurt them!
*remember to use gloves while handling bleach.
*you can’t mess this up.

Orthodox Luna Lovegood?

Today I wore an amazing shirt that is usually safe in my closet because I’m so afraid to ruin it, but I decided to take a risk and let it see the sun!

(It’s the white, blue and black one, not the striped one) I just love the children running around the table. I wore this shirt one other time on this blog, but in a very different way. You may remember it- I wore it underneath a fitted grey tee.)

This is the whole outfit. The skirt is actually wool, so it’s warms, and grey plaid. Yay! Plaid skirts! (I want a knee-length pleated one next)

I also went to an awesome theater class this afternoon. We played kiddy drama games and then we were handed scripts. I want to be in movies… is this a good head start, anyone? No?

Wearing: Old puffy shirt. H&M boatneck tee. Thrifted skirt. Shoes are Vans from a store in Providence called Berk’s.

I have been looking at a lot of Japanese fashion lately (is it time to break out my old Superlovers dress again?) and as usual I save my favorite/most inspiring/most outfit-idea-provoking pictures onto my desktop. Here are a few of my faves. Most are from, unless stated otherwise. (I sound so shmancy!)

I found this at Marlena’s blog. This is the original. I like the fishnets over stockings and the pointed bangs. That mushroom necklace is also tooootttaly rad.
I actually found at one of my new favorite blogs, Give her a click, it’s worth it, and also she has great outfit posts, which is my favorite thing about fashion blogs. I love getting direct ideas for outfits and seeing trends in specific blogs. (EG I walk into Savers and think, Wow, Lexy would love that!) I also like finding Tumblrs, so if you have an awesome one, leave it in the comments.
I love those red shoes… and the shirt is to die for. Literally. No, actually, not literally. But it’s great. So is her hair, it’s adorable, like a Japanese 13-year-old Tavi.
I don’t think I could pull off this look, because I’m too lazy to put together things like that and I would end up looking like unicorn puke. I would definitely wear the shoes on the blue girl (!) though, maybe even with the same socks.
I don’t feel like any others are worth showing you right now… they’re just things I like, but aren’t very bloggish or inspiring in general to me.
Remember what I said about how much I love seeing peoples’ outfit posts? Well, I saved a few of my recent favorites of those, too. It takes a long time to make links so I will just write the blog’s name, and you can find it either earlier in this post or in my blogroll. (“fellow fashion flowers”)
Dayzee from Style Dynamite (
Blog: “Hipster Musings?” Find it in my blogroll.
Marlena from Self-Constructed Freak (Find in blogroll if you don’t already know and worship her)
For previous 2 pictures: SOURCES UNKNOWN! If either are yours or you know the sources, leave a comment, please. I’ll take it down if it’s yours and you want me to.
Confessions of a Female Drag Queen.
That’s all for now, I’ll be making similar posts soon! See you later!

“One Lovely Blog”

I’ve been tagged by Alix for the One Lovely Blog award! The rules are that I have to give 7 facts about myself and then tag 6 other bloggers who I think have one lovely blog! Thank you, alix :)

So, seven facts- let me see.

1. I always pick out the red M&Ms and eat them last, after I’ve eaten the other colors. Don’t ask me why.

2. I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, though not everyone in my family is.

3. I usually spend at least an hour looking at and every day.

4. I haven’t gone to one school for 2 whole years in a row since, what, 1st grade?

5. My favorite magazine is NYLON and I wish it would come out more than once a month.

6. My favorite colors are bright red and mustard yellow.

7. This is the second time I’ve dyed my hair. Last year I had some pink highlights. That was before I got my big glasses and when I had stick straight, waist-length hair.

I think I’m going to tag:

Self Constructed Freak

Quirky Explosion

A Witch’s Style

 Jesus and his lawyer are coming back…

Paper or Plastic?

Look Ugly in a Photograph




” ‘What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’ “

I just had a little explosion at some blogger named “Coco Muffin” through a comment. It wasn’t too harsh, but I was mad. See, I was trying to figure out where or how Tavi Gevinson got those big knitted chain necklaces, because I’m in love with them. Then I came across this old post from another blogger who was trying to tell the world that she isn’t “fashionable” and that she “pities Tavi”. You can read the article here. The strange part is that everything on her blog tagged “fashion” is something like Juicy and her dressing, well, (I don’t mean to be rude) normally. Not bad, but I wouldn’t expect her to have a huge interest in fashion, you know? This is my comment.

“ ‘What 13-year-old has that much knowledge of vintage and proper prose? Seriously. I think she’s trying too hard.’
Did it ever occur to you that perhaps she is a mature and intelligent teenager? I don’t understand why a “normal childhood” has to include being unaware of your dreams and even interests, dressing like she might as an adult but less gray, and having nothing to do with anything society doesn’t see as ‘common’ or ‘normal’?
I think from a high-fashion point of view, Tavi is wonderful. She looks like she belongs on a runway- her OWN runway. She is also an outstanding writer with an original voice and good ideas. From a Forever 21 point of view, she looks like a clown. To decide whether she is fashionable, you must decide this: which one is real fashion?
Is a random teenager in a tee shirt and jeans more fashionable- one who probably put no thought into her outfit, maybe just threw it on or copied a celebrity? Tavi, whether you like it or not, retains the same style, the same voice of her clothing. You know she has thought about what she is wearing and is wearing it for a reason, and even if you don’t like it, she IS breaking fashion boundaries. Every outfit she wears is completely different, but they all have the same tone, the same ideas, the same STYLE. This is because she is aware of what she is wearing. The “Tavi Style”, if it caught on, would be very easy to re-create because she makes her own rules, and she makes them clearly. Like I said before, she has a reason when she puts something on. She has inspiration posts on her blog because she is inspired. She creates moodboards because she has the ability to portray her feelings through visual art, usually in the form of fashion.

Tavi Gevinson is NOT a style rookie. She invented her OWN definition of style and made it spectacular. She inspired me to blog and create. I never cared about fashion until I found out about her.”

And I just thought I really said all I wanted to about her in this post so I decided to share. I’m not a great writer so I don’t know if all my feelings were arranged correctly. All I know is that looking at Style Rookie, reading what she wrote and looking at her photographs, it made me want to be a part of it. She forced me to care about fashion in the least. Tavi, I have to say, is my biggest inspiration regarding fashion, and to see her being mocked in such an ignorant tone infuriated me because she’s so much more than a girl who used to have greyish hair and wears chunky sweaters. It took me a long time to realize it, but everything she wears has a meaning, and it’s important to me. I didn’t mean to attack the writer of this post or say she’s stupid. I don’t even know her. I just believe she’s looking at Tavi’s style the wrong way, without even considering that maybe she isn’t just trying too hard.

That’s it. Wow, what an awkward ending.

And because there is no use at all of anything without pictures or conversation, here are a few random pictures.

From: Now This is Gothic, Spank!, Streets of Japan, FRUiTS

Who do you look up to?

EDIT: The original poster contacted me through a comment. I think I should make it clear that she wrote the post, but the quote at the beginning of my comment came from another commenter.

Interview with THE FASHION TURD!

 Turd is the word.

Hey people! Guess what? I scored an interview with a fellow fashion blogger who has been blogging a lot longer than I have. You might know here as Holly or The Fashion Turd. It’s this really awesome blog by someone who makes their own jewelry, dresses like “Japanese doll/9-year-old boy” and has bright red dreadlocks. Drrruuummmroollll please. Heeere’s Johnny!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I used to get stopped quite a bit in the street with people asking to take pictures or to comment on what i wore. Most of it was very positive (…i say most, a few calls of ‘freak’ or ‘goth’ from some ultra Jurassic retards), so i thought a blog would be really productive outlet for all the stuff floating in my head which eventually ends up in what i wear. I don’t take it too seriously, my blog is very tongue in cheek and i realize that I come across as a right narcissistic bastard (which i am), but it’s all having a laugh and not taking it too seriously…After all it’s just clothes!
2. Do you admire any brands or designers specifically?
I am a walking spew-up of high street, second hand, and market clothes with a few special pieces which cost more $$$!  In terms of real grown up designers i admire Rei Kawakubo, Alexander Mqueen, Bernhard Willhelm, Zandra Rhodes..i cant really remember fact im not that into fashion as a concept and dictating what is ‘hot to wear’ this season (vomit)…i  just like the things that bring a smile to my gloomy face!
3. What music do you like?
mmmmm music…..putting on big earphones and listening to my tunes is complete sanctuary: Bjork, Lamb, Peaches, Hercules and Love Affair, Kap Bambino, Devendra Banhart, Kate Bush, Bob Marley, Daniel Johnston, Belle and Sebastien, Beirut, Kimya Dawson, Moldy Peaches, Joan as Policewoman, Ani Di Franco, Antony and the Johnsons, coco rosie, Nick Drake,  Joanna Newsom…mainly trip hop, folk and anti folk
4. What did you eat so far today?
Oooohh, well im staying with my family at the moment so i get to eat like jabba the hutt for a few days…so here goes..cup of tea, My 10 year old brothers chocolate flavoured cereal, cup of tea, cup of tea, those MSG laden round potato chips that come in a long tube, cup of tea, a parma ham salad, some ‘Hello Panda’ cookies, traditional British roast dinner with pork, apple sauce and all the trimmings, some Japanese jelly candy, cup of tea, some roast potatoes left from dinner..i will probably have another cup of tea before bed too…i don’t conform to many stereotypes but the British Tea drinking cliche is definately a box that i tick
5. How would you describe your style?
My brain wrapped around my body…colourful, ecclectic, spotty, stripey, kitsch,youthful, plasticy, sarcastic, energetic, tactile, tongue-in-cheek, vomit inducing!
6. What are you thinking when you get dressed in the morning/um, whenever? Do things inspire your outfits or do you just create them?
I  just cover myself in glue, walk into my wardrobe and whatever sticks to me i wear!…. not entirely true…i’m certainly inspired by things everyday, but i just put pieces together that i think work and that make me feel like a goddess. The general rule is not to put stuff together that ‘matches’..i like mixing colours, textures and prints to the extreme. I’m also really inspired by Japanese street fashion, the 70’s and 80’s, graphic novels, religous iconography and Pat Butcher.
7. Where do you get most of your clothes? Do you make any of them?
I get my clothes from the high st, charity shops, markets, friends, bins…I customize a lot of stuff but im not a seamstress so dont attempt to make full on garments, i can just about handle a glue gun! But i do make my own jewellery, the line is called House of Turd and is available to buy here:  …shameless plug..sorry!
8. Who is your favorite person who ever lived?
Ooohh, all of my real favourite people are still alive…gorgeous family and delicious friends…and my truly incredible Mrs who inspires me more than she will ever, ever realize. I also have a bit of a Bjork obsession. And Tank Girl is my favourite fictional person.
9. Do you try to stand out with the way you dress, or does it come naturally because you just wear what you like and it happens to be unique?
I just wear what makes me feel bloody brilliant.  Some people ask me if i feel self-conscious at all in what i wear and my answer is a definite ‘no’!; i would feel more self conscious wearing head to toe black or a pair of jeans and a hoodie because that would just not be me. Maybe my style will change over time, but hopefully i will always want to dress like a japanese doll/9 year old boy!
10. What is your favorite article of clothing?
ooooooooh. Ruby, what a toughy…ooooohhh….my polka dot Dr Martens.
You should really check out her blog! It’s here, at . I love it. Just be sure to wear your sunglasses before you try to look at her clothes! But once you do, they’re awesome! By the way… those Docs she was referring to? I have the same ones, but black with white instead of vice versa! Yes, I have verified fashion sense! I hope you check out her blog and actually COMMENT. Please.


I have never seen a person in real life wear 2-colored tights (the ones with each leg a different color or pattern) but they seem to be all over fashion blogs. I kind of like it.

I don’t happen to own any tights at the moment. Well, I do, but they are in the USA right now so I obviously don’t have access to them. So I took the only leggings I could find in the house and did this: ta dah!

They’re okay except I only have black and light brown (it just looks gray in the picture) so the point of being colorful and all is sort of destroyed. When I get back to the united states, I’ll buy real ones instead of these.

By the way- do you mike my skirt? It’s actually an H&M shirt my mom’s biffle gave to me.It’s huge so I wear it as a skirt.

Do you like leggings? Do you own a pair of this type of tights? Where did you get them?

quick post- today i will be happier than a bird with a french fry.

I came across this picture on “A Witch’s Style” today and I really liked it!!! The writer of the blog drew it herself, I think, and it’s really cool. SO, I dedicated a picture to THIS picture.

I did a crappy job of editing this photo. Not very realistic hair color. You can see the jagged edges :P


I got some new clothes today! My computer just went BLAHDGSSDBLJDGNZONKS, and it deleted this entire post!!!! I’M SO SAD! But at least I saved the pictures. Here, I’ll re-do it for you, my lovely readers. Be thankful!

Firstly, I got a perrdyyy denim Orla Kiely dress from my mother dearest. She never wore it because a button was missing. I love it so much, I want to wear it until it rots! It’s almost floor-length on me so I’m getting it tailored to be shorter, and I’ll take a button from the chopped-off bit and sew it where one is missing. Yay! Here is a piccy of it:

My other thing I got, also from my mom, is the best pants ever. Yes, EVERRR. They are loose and retro and plaid and colorful and soft and comfy and pretty! PLUS, the pink parts of the plaid match my bedspread! The only thing is that they are too big around the waist, and too long, and I don’t think they’re supposed to be this loose. But I made it work with a little belt thingy. Here it is:

Do you LOVE them?! I sure do! They are my new favorite thing! I’m so wearing them to school tomorrow. I’m so excited I already put together this outfit for tomorrow!

Shirt: Gardener 10th anniversary. Pants: vintage. Shoes: my ruby slippers from the school play. Scrunchie thingo: got it in Vietnam. Bunny barrette: made it myself. Belt: I think it might be a scarf or part of a bathrobe, I don’t know.

I really want you to see my awesome hair, too. So HERE you go!Now you can see my scrunchie, sort-of barrette, and my fabulous duck face. I’ll do one last picture of the barrette, just because I’m so proud.

I think I’m going to end this post before my computer discards my draft again. GGGRRRR.

Oh, wait! Today I discovered! It is so cool! I love this witch’s style! (No, I’m not being mean, it’s the name of her blog!)

Fellow blogger…

I was looking at the blog of fellow fashion-blogger Marlena today at She taught me how to make stenciled designs on materials! i can’t wait to try it when i move back home. i m SO excited to make a shirt out of this photo:


yes!!!! It’s a picture of Kim Deal, and she’s going on my shirt!! EEEEE! :)

I was too sick and tired today to get dressed, so I don’t have anything else to show you. Sorry. I will promise to post something longer when I get better!

love, Ruby