I mean, she’s so weird, she just, you know, came up to me and started talking to me about crap!

Janis and Damian

As I was getting ready for my chess tournament today (I came in fifth!) and I realized I was the only girl competing. In both schools. So I was instantly reminded of Mean Girls, because Lindsay Lohan was the only girl on the “mathletes” in the movie, and she was surrounded by dorks. No offense, guys, but how else do I classify someone who goes to a chess tournament, finishes early and spends two hours talking about zombies? Anyway, I went through a little sort-of-goth stage this year, and so Lizzy Caplan, Janis, came to mind. She wore these dark, punk-looking clothes and a ton of eyeliner. Oh, here’s me a couple months ago wearing eyeliner! I know, it’s so embarrassing. I looked like such an “emo” wannabe.
So, back to the point, I was reminded of Janis Ian, who inspired the outfit I wore to the chess thingo. For those of you too lame to remember Mean Girls, here are some Janis pics.

In case you didn’t realize, she’s on the left in the first and last picture. Here’s what I wore today. I didn’t put on eyeliner, though, and my friends should thank me for that. It really freaked a couple of them out, as if eyeliner=suicidal or something.

Tee shirt: Gardener 10th HK. Tank: H&M Young (boys) shirt I cut up. Giant skirt-shorts: Orla Kiely. It was my mom's. Random barrettes. You couldn't see my feet so I put my shoe on the desk beside me, which were my Docs. Belt: Nordstrum.