I got a haircut today. I took off an inch or two, got layers, and some blunt bangs. I also died the tips of my hair blue, and it turned out better than I thought it would! I really love the result. The idea of dying my hair blue actually began when I was creating this post. You watched me grow into the person I am now! Sniff! Awww!

Wearing: Tee by H&M, collar made and added by me, Sinful Colors nail polish

Have you ever dyed your hair?

Interview with THE FASHION TURD!

 Turd is the word.

Hey people! Guess what? I scored an interview with a fellow fashion blogger who has been blogging a lot longer than I have. You might know here as Holly or The Fashion Turd. It’s this really awesome blog by someone who makes their own jewelry, dresses like “Japanese doll/9-year-old boy” and has bright red dreadlocks. Drrruuummmroollll please. Heeere’s Johnny!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I used to get stopped quite a bit in the street with people asking to take pictures or to comment on what i wore. Most of it was very positive (…i say most, a few calls of ‘freak’ or ‘goth’ from some ultra Jurassic retards), so i thought a blog would be really productive outlet for all the stuff floating in my head which eventually ends up in what i wear. I don’t take it too seriously, my blog is very tongue in cheek and i realize that I come across as a right narcissistic bastard (which i am), but it’s all having a laugh and not taking it too seriously…After all it’s just clothes!
2. Do you admire any brands or designers specifically?
I am a walking spew-up of high street, second hand, and market clothes with a few special pieces which cost more $$$!  In terms of real grown up designers i admire Rei Kawakubo, Alexander Mqueen, Bernhard Willhelm, Zandra Rhodes..i cant really remember fact im not that into fashion as a concept and dictating what is ‘hot to wear’ this season (vomit)…i  just like the things that bring a smile to my gloomy face!
3. What music do you like?
mmmmm music…..putting on big earphones and listening to my tunes is complete sanctuary: Bjork, Lamb, Peaches, Hercules and Love Affair, Kap Bambino, Devendra Banhart, Kate Bush, Bob Marley, Daniel Johnston, Belle and Sebastien, Beirut, Kimya Dawson, Moldy Peaches, Joan as Policewoman, Ani Di Franco, Antony and the Johnsons, coco rosie, Nick Drake,  Joanna Newsom…mainly trip hop, folk and anti folk
4. What did you eat so far today?
Oooohh, well im staying with my family at the moment so i get to eat like jabba the hutt for a few days…so here goes..cup of tea, My 10 year old brothers chocolate flavoured cereal, cup of tea, cup of tea, those MSG laden round potato chips that come in a long tube, cup of tea, a parma ham salad, some ‘Hello Panda’ cookies, traditional British roast dinner with pork, apple sauce and all the trimmings, some Japanese jelly candy, cup of tea, some roast potatoes left from dinner..i will probably have another cup of tea before bed too…i don’t conform to many stereotypes but the British Tea drinking cliche is definately a box that i tick
5. How would you describe your style?
My brain wrapped around my body…colourful, ecclectic, spotty, stripey, kitsch,youthful, plasticy, sarcastic, energetic, tactile, tongue-in-cheek, vomit inducing!
6. What are you thinking when you get dressed in the morning/um, whenever? Do things inspire your outfits or do you just create them?
I  just cover myself in glue, walk into my wardrobe and whatever sticks to me i wear!…. not entirely true…i’m certainly inspired by things everyday, but i just put pieces together that i think work and that make me feel like a goddess. The general rule is not to put stuff together that ‘matches’..i like mixing colours, textures and prints to the extreme. I’m also really inspired by Japanese street fashion, the 70’s and 80’s, graphic novels, religous iconography and Pat Butcher.
7. Where do you get most of your clothes? Do you make any of them?
I get my clothes from the high st, charity shops, markets, friends, bins…I customize a lot of stuff but im not a seamstress so dont attempt to make full on garments, i can just about handle a glue gun! But i do make my own jewellery, the line is called House of Turd and is available to buy here:  …shameless plug..sorry!
8. Who is your favorite person who ever lived?
Ooohh, all of my real favourite people are still alive…gorgeous family and delicious friends…and my truly incredible Mrs who inspires me more than she will ever, ever realize. I also have a bit of a Bjork obsession. And Tank Girl is my favourite fictional person.
9. Do you try to stand out with the way you dress, or does it come naturally because you just wear what you like and it happens to be unique?
I just wear what makes me feel bloody brilliant.  Some people ask me if i feel self-conscious at all in what i wear and my answer is a definite ‘no’!; i would feel more self conscious wearing head to toe black or a pair of jeans and a hoodie because that would just not be me. Maybe my style will change over time, but hopefully i will always want to dress like a japanese doll/9 year old boy!
10. What is your favorite article of clothing?
ooooooooh. Ruby, what a toughy…ooooohhh….my polka dot Dr Martens.
You should really check out her blog! It’s here, at . I love it. Just be sure to wear your sunglasses before you try to look at her clothes! But once you do, they’re awesome! By the way… those Docs she was referring to? I have the same ones, but black with white instead of vice versa! Yes, I have verified fashion sense! I hope you check out her blog and actually COMMENT. Please.

I was sew busy!

Aren’t I punny?

I’ve been SO busy with schoolwork this weekend, I forgot about my lovely blog! Well, that is, until I looked upon my mini sewing kit and remembered. I also remembered that I had work to do with that sewing kit. I needed to do two things:

  • fix my broken owl backpack (the straps came off, the flap to close the bag came off, and one of the feet is pretty much dead)
  • make a fourteenth birthday present for my friend Chloe

I started with the first one, and I couldn’t get it back into backpack form. It was sew sad! (Okay, I’ll stop, I promise) But I COULD sew the straps together and make it a normal purse, and I could easily sew the flap back on by hand. I NEED a sewing machine though, I have some really awesome skirt designs that I can’t make by hand! Plus, all the fabric I have to work with here are old pajamas my mom won’t notice if they go missing. Blargh. At least I’m moving in 27 days. (I’ll still miss my friends terribly, obviously! But really. I need to go to Target.)

Here’s a picture of the mostly finished improved owl bag. i wish i had a before picture, I suck at remembering to take those.  just picture it in backpack form. oh, and i forgot to fix the foot. : (

It’s my favorite bag!!!You can’t see what’s wrong with the foot so I did a close-up.

It’s teh left foot. Just letting you know in case Captain Obvious forgets to show up.

Oh! And here’s Chloe’s present. (DON’T LOOK, CHLOE) (SPOILER, CHLOE, DON’T READ ON) (I MEAN IT, CHLOE!) It’s a cube. A cube of fail. It’s pretty much made with fail in every stitch. Leave me alone, I’m bad at sewing and I’ve never tried a cube before!!!!!!

And this was its best side. One of them is falling apart. It’s made of an old tank top my friend left at my house before she moved away three years ago, my brother’s old waterproof shirt, and PJ pants. So, it’s ugly and totally pointless, but can I get some points for creativity? Eh? Eh?

OH. And one more thing. I made a necklace! At first I was going to make Chloe an awesome voodoo doll, I even made hair out of yarn and stuff (now it’s inside the cube of fail!) but it turned out to be tiny and the limbs were all deformed at weird. So, I sewed it to some ribbon and it is my latest piece of jewelry. I now have a handmade mini voodoo doll necklace! Woot! Can I get a high five? I think I deserve one for this! It’s sooo awesome! I would give this to Chloe instead of that terrible cube with no function or purpose except to sit there and look ugly, but I’m selfish. Just kidding. Sort of. Oh, and did I mention that it has 2 sides? One green and pink, one beige and black. One from old PJs, one from an old headband thing.

Woah. It’s late. I’m going to bed. Goodnight, readers! Goodnight, moon! I fare thee well… I hope we meet again, I do, I do…


I have never seen a person in real life wear 2-colored tights (the ones with each leg a different color or pattern) but they seem to be all over fashion blogs. I kind of like it.

I don’t happen to own any tights at the moment. Well, I do, but they are in the USA right now so I obviously don’t have access to them. So I took the only leggings I could find in the house and did this: ta dah!

They’re okay except I only have black and light brown (it just looks gray in the picture) so the point of being colorful and all is sort of destroyed. When I get back to the united states, I’ll buy real ones instead of these.

By the way- do you mike my skirt? It’s actually an H&M shirt my mom’s biffle gave to me.It’s huge so I wear it as a skirt.

Do you like leggings? Do you own a pair of this type of tights? Where did you get them?

Does ”pastel + bright = KABOOM” ?

I was trolling around on Yahoo Answers today and I came across a question, “How can I be more girly?” I always will disagree with people trying to change themselves to fall under a certain category or stereotype, but this question was actually very interesting. It specifically asked for things to wear to be a girly-girl.

The answers were mixed. Lots said to wear flashy colors like hot pink with angular, “80s-like clothing”, and some also said you should wear soft, light colors, like pastels, with lots of frilly floral things. I decided to put each to the test, and the two styles looked equally girlish. To be the ultimate  pink-barbie-vomit girl, I realized you had to combine the two classics to become the Super Queen of the Girly-Girls. I put this challenge to a test first with a still-life containing my glasses case, some ribbon from the art cabinet, an old plastic bracelet from my child years, some bright lipstick, and a bubblegum wrapper. Here it is:

Not the most artistic photo I’ve ever taken, unfortunately, but you get the idea. So, with those elements, I dove into my wardrobe and pulled out the outfit below. It’s actually more pastel than the flashy bright stuff, but it’s still something. That cardi is my best friend! It has lasted forever and it’s soooo pretty! And today I’m not wearing my owl pendant, I’m wearing, well, a DIFFERENT owl pendant. This one is shinier and it has cute little jewels on its eyes and feathers. And it’s hanging on a metal chain instead of string. Weeeiiirrdd.  I did a close-up below the main outfit picture so you can see my lipstick, shirt detail and necklace. It’s at the top of this post. Sorry for the sad/angry/tired expression on my face.

EXPERIMENT:  Try combining the two main “girly” trademark looks. Challenge accepted.

HYPOTHESIS: I will end up with a totally failed outfit that looks like a pony barfed.

RESULT: Everything went better than expected. Still not enough brightness to totally balance the look, though.

Skirt: really a cotton-on dress. Shirt: mom's vintage Orla Keily. Belt: reeeaally old from my mom. Cardi: Agnes B.

Merci Beaucoup spring/summer 2011 collection

I LOVE this collection. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. If everything wasn’t hundreds of dollars, I would have bought it all by now!

It’s colorful and fun, and the clothes actually look really comfortable. It’s the kind of thing you would want to put on and spin around in. Here’s the video:

What I love is that the designer somehow found a way to make the clothing look pastel-ish, without using the cliched actually-pastel pinks and light greens that we always think of when we think of spring. It might have something to do with the light hair of the model in the first picture, but there is definitely a creative mind behind the outfits, as well.

I’m pretty sure you can click to enlarge. Anyway, isn’t it pretty? I would definitely wear those pinkish-white pants. The reason I chose to show this picture is that I’m not to fond of super-baggy (cough cough DIAPER PANTS cough) pants, because they’re so unflattering, which most of this collection is composed of. But I believe the colors and the rest of the outfit makes up for all of those. This outfit happens to be my favorite.

I don’t really understand the bone theme, but I like it. It reminds me of that baby girl from the Flinstones… gah, I forgot her name! But she really looks like a cartoon schoolgirl, and I like that. I like how it looks solid and confident but also loose and comfortable. The socks and shoes make the outfit. They lighten it up and remind you that it is Spring. Don’t even get me started on that hair! It’s fantastic!

I needed to show both sides of this outfit because they are so different. The front looks almost South-American in some way, and the leggings remind me of 80s exercise clothes, but more ‘formal’, if putting it like that makes any sense. Again, the bone theme. I like it.

That’s all for now, folks!