My parents went to Paris last week and my mom brought me back a present. An amazing present. Seriously.

Repetto ballet flats!!! ^.^

My feet felt so dainty and small after wearing those Doc Marten boots for about a month straight. I love these, they’re super cool, but I don’t really know how to wear them uniquely. Leave me a comment!

Love, Ruby

I wish I were Hermione Granger

Today I’m here to talk to you about “crazy clothes”. Quite simply, my thesis when explaining why I dress ‘like that’ is: I get dressed, and everyone else makes it weird. In other words, I wear whatever I want and society is the one who decides if it’s weird or not, not me. I dress to put on a certain character, or to express my feelings. Some people like to make drawings, etc to express themselves- I do it through sculpture, and I like to have a body, usually mine, as the template to work with. I create 3D “art” (it sounds narcissistic, and I’m not saying I’m a fashion prodigy or artist or anything, but that’s how I see fashion in general) and I wear it around. I don’t do it  because I’m a show-off, or a hipster, or an exhibitionist. I don’t do anything just for attention. I try to make art, while at the same time expressing the message that we don’t all have to be the same. If I dress the way I do, and society puts the label “weird” on it, then it is weird. If society puts the label “normal” on it, then it is normal. Labels, however important to some people, never change the outfit or what it means to me.

Someone asked me if I would still dressed the way I do if everyone else did, too. I said yes. Then I thought about it later- I would never change myself drastically for society. I gave up makeup long ago, vowing to myself to never long to be pretty again. Whether something is “flattering” no longer determines if an outfit should be worn by me or not. However, I might make some changes, tweaks, to express my feelings about the pressure to all be the same. Be smart, be athletic, be creative, or don’t… but look like robots, or else you are an attention-seeker, a hipster, a bitch, or a weirdo. I would try to dress the way I wanted, but that message is worth putting on the extra bow for, don’t you think?

That’s it. What do you think? Do weird clothes exist? If everyone dressed just like you, would you change yourself to be different?

Wearing: Chinese hat with DIY eyes; DIY dino clip; outermost shirt- thrifted. Lace shirt- found in nattic (really old).  Yellow shirt- thrifted. Skirt- Orla Kiely. Tights- Target. Collar- cut off an old Halloween costume. Shoes- Docter Martens. Random pin.Just a better look at the hat/collar/etc details. The shirt used to have shoulder pads.

Pin: “Your 15 minutes are up.”

The dance is in the sun!

Today was really great! I felt very happy. I slept in, feeling refreshed, then ate cereal and watched some Daria. Later I went on Youtube and yelled at superficial, sexist people in a British accent that some people somehow believed (the accent, I mean… ahem), then I went to my bass lesson and then thrifting at Savers! A very productive day, I say! Want to see what I got? No? Too bad! This is my blog and I’ll post what I want!

The first picture is of a long wool skirt in grey plaid. It’s delightfully bulky and awkward- probably an old school uniform of sorts. IU’m holding it in the air and for some reason it looks black. The next picture is what the fabric really looks like.


Now, an awesome 80s blouse. It has shoulder pads and everything! One problem: it’s huge on me. I’ll make do. I WILL WEAR IT EVERY DAY. This happened to be the first thing that followed my mom’s mini-lecture about “dressing more normally” for the first part of my new school. Pfft! As if! The very thought…!

Detailzzz. Cuz imm a teenagerrr and wez likee to putt “z”s anddd extra lettersss at thee end of our wurdzz.

It’s salmon pink and pastel green. Someone pinch me! <3

And now… drumroll please. I saved the best for last. They’re red. They have yellow laces and little wooden heels. They make me want to say “vintage” instead of “thrifted”. They make me want to jump and never take them off! AAAH I LOVE THEM MORE THAN ANYTHING!!!!!

Another drumroll please, because this level of awesome requires two…

Please DON’T pinch me! I can’t wake up from this marvelous dream! It’s so beautiful! (sniffle)

If you like memes ( is part of the Cheezburger network [origin of the lolcat]) you will understand this.

What is the best thing you ever bought second-hand?