Glittery evil ice queen

Alexander McQueen (RIP) ‘s autumn/winter 2011 show was breathtaking. I was gasping and staring as I watched the video on the AMQ website. I needed one of those white dresses. It was art, really art, and I NEEDED to be a part of the magic. But I couldn’t be, could I? So, I compromised  and made an Alexander McQueen ring based on these outfits.

Here’s my ring. Ohma gawd, it looks so ugly after posting the real dresses.

AH! MY COMPUTER  pictures are so blurry!!! Just imagine fake white fur with silvery glitter and a dark metal bead with a flower design on it. 

EDIT: It’s kind of pathetic to do 3 blog posts in one day, no? So I’m putting my final post of the day as a “PS” to this one. I made my dog a headscarf which is not worth of its own post anyway. Here it is!