Am I Still Blogging?

I haven’t posted since early October, and now it is May. You’ve probably assumed I’ve quit writing on this blog. You’re partially right.

My interest in high fashion, even fashion in general, has almost disappeared. I guess it was a fleeting hobby or a phase. I still respect it as an art, but it’s not what draws me in anymore.

But people have been asking me to please start blogging again, and I remember how much fun it has been in the past, so I’ve decided I’m keeping The Ruby Lotus, but in a new form.

I’m not deleting any old posts, but from now on, I probably am not going to be blogging the same way I used to. I’ll be using this to share my writing, or to rant, to show you guys an outfit, to give news, or to crosslink. My posts aren’t going to be nearly as frequent and they’re going to be different, and I’m really, really sorry if that disappoints anyone. I’m very thankful for all of you supporting me in my writing and other aspects of my life.

This isn’t goodbye, remember. This is just a change.

If you want to hear from me more often than every time I post on here, I have an Ask (, a Tumblr (, an Instagram (@RubyBook [therealsammanson]) and a Twitter (@BookRuby).

Don’t forget about my Youtube channel, either. I’m still going to vlog.

Thanks for sticking by me.