Tommy Ton: Street Style

Photographer Tommy Ton shot some street style around the 2013 Spring shows. Here are just a few of my favorites.


The beading is incredible, but something about that embroidered circle in the middle of the chest just makes me ^O^

Oh hey. Comme Des Garcons and “That Girl” ‘s lovechild

DAT SKIRT. Seriously. The closest thing I have to that is Jesus bandaids that I use decoratively on sweaters.

When I grow my bangs out this will be the first thing I try.

And now, my very very favorite picture I saw that speaks for itself…


3 thoughts on “Tommy Ton: Street Style

  1. These pictures are amazing! I particularly like the last one, its kind of eccentric like the others (because of that GORGEOUS skirt!) but minimal at the same time. Do you have an original link, or know where it was taken/ who it is? :) thanks x

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