We are the weirdos

I didn’t stick to my basic outfit schedule. I didn’t submit extra Rookie pitches. I don’t have fun getting dressed anymore. I didn’t go to homecoming. I’m in a bad rut, guys, and I feel like I don’t feel anything right now. All creativity has been sucked out of me and I don’t know why.
I’ve been wearing basically the same outfit every day. Usually my outfits alternate between something like this…

And this…

And on top of all this, the zipper on my favorite black Docs broke.

Come on, get it together, Ruby.


14 thoughts on “We are the weirdos

  1. i don’t think feeling awful and uninspired should be something to be ashamed of. i mean overall, ‘everything sucks’ is a big part of everything. we’re all expected to LOVE so much and it’s a little hard to always contribute. it’s only human to feel blah. i mean, i spent all of last weekend crying and eating cookies (i wish that was an exaggeration.) everything you’ve accomplished is exponentially cooler than a majority of the people on this planet.

    i just wanted to say that i’m slightly obsessed with you and your blog. (not a a pedophile way, but a super cool big sister way– you’re a year older than me.) i don’t know, like i hate everyone and think there’s no such thing as special because ihatethisplacewealldeservetodieican’tbelieveholdencaulfieldisn’tinmyclasshe’sactuallykindofcute, but the way you write and present yourself and talk (I PROMISE!!! I’M A THIRTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL!!) and everything is just REALLY FLIPPING COOOL. whenever i see any of your videos, I JUST WISH YOU WERE MY BEST FRIEND SO BAD.

    ~this is the end of my butt kissery and stuff~

  2. Ah, Ruby I totally know what you mean. I was kind of in a rut last week and only wanted to wear jeans, a jacket and my beat up docs I got for 4.99. But I went on itunes and got some new music! That always helps me. Here’s a list of music I like to listen to whenever I’m feeling angry, sad, rut-ish or just whenever.
    -The Flaming Lips
    -Aracde Fire
    -Hole (when I’m angry)
    -The Smiths
    -Dum Dum Girls
    -Cat Power
    -Neutral Milk Hotel

    I don’t really know what kind of music you’re into, those are just some suggestions. On another note, I absolutely LOVE your pants, where are they from? Oh and AWESOMELY AWESOME HAIR!!!!

  3. It’s okay, Ruby. I feel your pain. Go watch some Youtube videos of fall fashion and fall color and listen to fall-ish music and eat fall food and fall in love with autumn. Autumn is the best time of the year to find inspiration, even if you’re in a rut. I just came out of one too, and I know how frustrating it is. Keep your chin up! :)

  4. Dear Ruby.

    I get the ruts. I am in a clothing rut also – because I need to replenish my wardrobe, but I hate shopping. However, autumn is fast approaching, and I love me some tights and corduroy and tweed and wool – so maybe that’ll encourage me.

    You had some serious life changes this year, maybe some part of you needs the down time.

    Hang in there.

    With care….

  5. ALSO! I found this picture that realllllyyyyy cheered me up! I was so upset about summer ending and this made me glad that it’s fall!

    I hope you like :)

  6. You are so creative, Ruby! I know that your inspiration will return soon! (But just for the record, it was probably nargles who took it) Everyone gets in ruts once in a while, just hold strong and keep thrift shopping!

  7. Ya know, when I have a bad day and can’t decide what to wear, it’s the socks that save the day. In school, I used to bring out a pair of red ankle socks. Yes, red socks. I am not even a baseball fan. But for some reason, when in a funk, red socks that did not match my outfit, cheered me up. maybe I felt a little creative when I wore them.

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