Harpy Barfday

It’s that magical time of the year where I eat excessive desserts and receive free stuff given to me out of social obligation.


I’m going to feel as entitled as this guy today.

I’m going to guilt people out of questioning anything I do, no matter how ridiculous, because NO HURT FEELINGS ON MAH BIRTHDAY.  To start, I’m going to hire this gal to follow me around all day with her violin.


(FLIP YEAH, substitution profanities because family members sometimes read my blog and have heart attacks.)

Second thing I want for my birthday: Feltpez. PLease can it happen? I know I’m unoriginal and a total generic fangirl but THIS IS ACTUALLY SO IMPORTANT TO ME. Please, Xenu. Lauren and Tom were meant for each other. (I can tell because I have seen both of them acting completely separately and then watched completely separate staged interviews).

Not sure what I’m wearing just yet (early morning post).

I am going to do my hair really FANCY with my ROOKIE CROWN. (This is my unfancy hair with the crown.)

Then I’m going to buy myself an Amazon giftcard and get myself a ton of cheap clothes.

(First two photos by Caroline De Greef)

Tommy Ton: Street Style

Photographer Tommy Ton shot some street style around the 2013 Spring shows. Here are just a few of my favorites.


The beading is incredible, but something about that embroidered circle in the middle of the chest just makes me ^O^

Oh hey. Comme Des Garcons and “That Girl” ‘s lovechild

DAT SKIRT. Seriously. The closest thing I have to that is Jesus bandaids that I use decoratively on sweaters.

When I grow my bangs out this will be the first thing I try.

And now, my very very favorite picture I saw that speaks for itself…

We are the weirdos

I didn’t stick to my basic outfit schedule. I didn’t submit extra Rookie pitches. I don’t have fun getting dressed anymore. I didn’t go to homecoming. I’m in a bad rut, guys, and I feel like I don’t feel anything right now. All creativity has been sucked out of me and I don’t know why.
I’ve been wearing basically the same outfit every day. Usually my outfits alternate between something like this…

And this…

And on top of all this, the zipper on my favorite black Docs broke.

Come on, get it together, Ruby.