I Have Returned!

Dear blurg,
I’m home! I have returned!
Camp is the worst place for people who love clothes. All I wore were too-small shorts from last year and tee shirts from Target, with the occasional DIY crop top thrown in. Coming back to my closet was a joy and I wore an extra special outfit to celebrated my return to civilization. Here it is:

I am wearing a thrifted black velvet dress with shoulder pads and a sweetheart neckline; an old Banana Republic lace blouse, and a broach borrowed from Megan.
It’s so good to be back. Normal posting will commence soon.


5 thoughts on “I Have Returned!

  1. Hi Ruby! My name’s Cami. Let me just tell you, I think you’re the coolest! Your diary entries on Rookie are my favorite, and I always read them first and get really excited. Anyways, I truly admire you. I have a tumblr, camillekit.tumblr.com, but I hope to start a real blog with outfit post at some point!

  2. I know you left with a lot on your mind/heart. I hope you managed to have a great time at camp. I’m glad you’re back posting again.

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