Balloon Silhouette

Looking at all the Fall 2012 shows, seeking inspiration for the coming Autumn, I noticed that oversized silhouettes and huge, long coats were a huge trend. These were some of my favorites.




But, by far, the whole Comme Des Garcons (as usual) was by far my favorite. It could have been an irreverent look at the flatness and shallowness of the digital age or just some creative essay on color and shape. The models looked like paper dolls with dresses cut out of construction paper by a thoughtless child.

Here are some samples from that show:

Why does Rei Kawakubo have to be so perfect?

(all images from


One thought on “Balloon Silhouette

  1. Hey Ruby, welcome back! I really like the fall 2012 rtw Comme des Garçons too, especially the fake silhouettes in some of the looks, where it looks like a simple dress but the fabric continues on to be a larger shape. This is one of those collections, while flipping through vogue and seeing a piece, I have heard comments about it being too weird and such, making me like it even more.

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