GUEST POST: DIY Marble Shorts

NOTE: Yes, I am still at camp, and this is a scheduled *guest post* by Sarah Miller. I will continue normal posting when I get back from camp in late August.

I usually don’t like shorts. But I like shorts now. Mostly because I have an easy way to turn jeans into the best shorts. Here is how.

1. Sort through your stacks of jeans. If you are lucky a cute and tiny dog will give you support. Find a pair you are willing to destroy with love and magic.

2. Use a straight edge to draw the cutting line. This part is sort of important; this is where you want to cut them at an angle like I did in the picture. I promise it is just more flattering. Cut above the line.

3. You will use some bleach and a bucket for this part. Take all of your items outside.

Most likely your current pair of new cut off shorts will be a terribly dumb color. So you have a choice, dip the whole dang pair in the bucket, use a stick to splatter, or do a gradual dip like this:

The first dip is quick and you can immediately see the colors changing. Rinse them off and pour more bleach in the bucket.

4. Then just dip the tips of the shorts and leave them in the bleach for about 10 minutes. Don’t worry about the dips being perfect because the more messy the splashes, the prettier the shorts.

I love the marbled effect.

5. Rinse again, wash, and you are now a boss man or lady.

Some tips & things:
*if you skip the rinsing parts there will be more marble.
*dispose of the bleach in a nice way.
*tighter jeans don’t work quite as well.
*don’t let tiny dogs help during the bleach part. It could hurt them!
*remember to use gloves while handling bleach.
*you can’t mess this up.


3 thoughts on “GUEST POST: DIY Marble Shorts

  1. Those are so cute! i’ve been thinking of bleaching my jeans so this is the perfect inspiration! I have so many jeans that I’ve messed up trying to make them into cutoffs so maybe bleach would make them look better :)

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