GUEST POST: Clara Bow and the Flappers

NOTE: This is a scheduled guest post. It was written by Catelyn B. Thanks1, Catelyn!

One of my many inspirations is Clara Bow and the Flapper style. She inspired me to get a bob (I feel so much like a Flapper now. For those of you too chicken to get a bob, do it, and then give your hair to Locks of Love!). She was also a wonderful actress. In her movie, It, she suggestively stares at her handsome boss. When the director asked her what she was doing she said, “the first look was for the lovesick dames in the audience, the second look, that passionate stuff, was for the boys an’ their poppas, and the third look…well, just about the time all them old ladies’re shocked an’ scandalized by the passionate part, they suddenly see the third look, change their minds ’bout me havin’ naughty ideas, an’ go home thinkin’ how pure an’ innocent I was.” Clara Bow rose from the slums of Brooklyn to become the ‘It Girl’ of Hollywood.

I love the Flapper style partly because of the Flappers themselves. They were these badass ladies who drank, smoke, drove their cars super fast, wore their hems high and lots of make up, and bobbed their hair of course! The other thing I love about the Flappers is their well known dresses with the little strings of fabric coming off of them that spin when you dance (I rented one of these to wear to my 9th grade homecoming dance). When you are brave enough to get a bob, completing the Flapper look is really easy. Dry your hair a little bit at the ends. If you have really straight hair, all you have to do is put phomollient in your hair right as you get out of the shower. Don’t comb your hair! Dry your hair with a diffuser. Hold the diffuser on each side of your head for a few seconds. Get a cool scarf and BOOM! Flapper style!


One thought on “GUEST POST: Clara Bow and the Flappers

  1. Clara bow is great, but Louise brooks is better. I love love love love love flappers, though. I don’t think I need to tell you that my hair is currently in a flapper style bob.

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