Several things.

1. If you want to guest post for me, SEND ME THE TOPIC AND DETAILS at [rubybook at gmail dot com]. I am getting tons of guest-post emails and I want to narrow it down to pitches that I think are unique and suit the blog!

2. Check out my Youtube channel…

I do personal video logs on it, as well as other fun videos! Subscribe to me, please!!



3 thoughts on “ANOTHER UPDATE!

  1. RUBY!! So I just read your latest dear diary on rookie. Your speech was really, REAALLLY good. And so was the writing that went with it, I loved what you said about passing the preppy looking girl in the hall. And really, everything else too.

  2. What type of things would you be interested in?

    (oh and on a semi-related note, I think your speech was vair good as well and made me feel insecure about mine. I compared middle school to a slingshot and it was inappropriate but I only had one day to prepare it so watvr.)

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