What’s the point of all this, Alan?

I read this article today on Rookie about being yourself and staying true to who you are. When I think about being myself, I think of how I dress above anything, because for me it’s the easiest form of self-expression because it’s visual. It’s also what makes me unique.

I’m also reading Romeo and Juliet now, and Romeo, in the beginning, is very melodramatic and in love with love itself. I’m starting to feel like I am more in love with the idea of being unique and true to myself than I am unique and true. I am starting to feel that my clothes are less a reflection of myself and more a reflection of what I want other people to see.

I also realized what I want with fashion. I want it to transform me and make me part of it when I am wearing the clothes I put together. I want to look poetic and beautiful.

It is on that note that I vow to go shopping soon. I need some flowy things as opposed to my random color blocking that looks like I got dressed in the dark.

More updates will come when I find some inspiration.