Cupcake Vomit

A little inspiration post for you today. I saw the Hunger Games (it was okay) and immediately thought OMG MEADHAM KIRCHHOFF OMG THEY COPIEDDDD! Hopefully I will get around to mimicking the old crusty pastel drag queen vibes soon.

Photos from: Meadham Kirchhoff Spring 2012 RTW, Lime Crime makeup, A Fluffy Blog, and The Hunger Games.


Welcome to my spring celebration! It consists of me alone in my room blogging. Rah.

Wearing: China shirt, tiny-checkered dress from Salvation Army, platform shoes from Savers.

I’m Alive

Hey, blogosphere. Remember me? I used to be part of you.

Anyway, here I am. No excuses. I left you for a month. I don’t really care and you probably don’t either, so let’s just pretend this gap never happened, eh?

Since I last saw you, I had my play, for which I had to alter my own costume…ImageImage

I was Lady Larken in Once Upon a Mattress.

I also eagerly awaited spring, wrote some songs, broke my glasses, and had to stop wearing wool due to the weather.

Hopefully you didn’t miss me too much, seeing as how you could have easily read my weekly diaries on Rookie to check that I’m alive, and also that very few people missed me because I have nothing interesting to blog about. Just outfits and stuff I’m into.

Speaking of which, I like webcomics now. It’s like my thing. My favorites are SMBC, Cyanide and Happiness, xkcd, Buttersafe, and Questionable Content. Google them. I’m too lazy for links. Yes, even with a 4-week break between posts.

More posts coming your way in the future.