Shoodboard + OOTD

I recently made a “shoodboard” that I like to dress based upon these days. A shoodboard is a shrine and a mood board all mixed into one! It’s pretty much a shrine that’s not dedicated to anything, but rather a collection of items that form a sort of vibe. Then, sort of like a mood board, I dress to fit the shoodboard’s vibe. But it’s not really actual fabrics and stuff, you get me? Kinda?

Anyway, here’s my currently witchy shoodboard:

And these are some witchy-voodoo-crosses-black-candles books/movies- HP, Emily the Strange, and Rocky Horror. It’s held up by my little friend, who you may remember from this video.

Rudyard Kipling, the Cranberries, a candle, and some rainbow stickers that glitter.

This magazine cover totally works somehow, even though it’s not really voodoo-esque or anything. It’s just dark and eerie.

Homemade voodoo doll.

Beautiful genuine plastic jewels and a piece of Cady’s homecoming queen crown sit above the Ouija Board. Also there is a bell.

Fairy lights that are always there but look especially nice today.

Here is one outfit partially based on this shoodboard… For some reason my hair and face look really weird and rectangular.

You’ll probably see similar ones coming soon!

[Wearing: fake lei worn as headdress, Anna Sui shirt, mom’s old Marc Jacobs blazer, Urban Outfitter’s skirt (top), Vintage 80s Gap skirt (bottom), Marshall’s shoes.]


6 thoughts on “Shoodboard + OOTD

  1. I like how you made like a rookie crown with a lei, I’m so going to do that because I’m too lazy to get all fake flowers and cool stuff, then stick it on a headband. Gee I’m so lazy

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