You know how I never blog anymore? Sorry about that.  Um, I just kind of am feeling uninspired at the moment. But I’ve re-started reading, drawing, taping pages from magazines to my wall, looking through the inspiration pics saved onto my desktop, and just sort of experimenting with outfits, so I feel my fashion blood slowly going back to my head.

Here are some super old outfits I took pictures of since my last outfit post. Sorry that they’re all terrible quality.

Mom’s old dress worn as top, Nordstrom belt, Target tights, Urban Outfitters skirt, Docs. I like the 50s-ish shape of the sleeves and collar on the dress, but the color is kind of annoying me. I don’t like green very much.

New (to me) vintage dress worn as top, same Urban Outfitters skirt, glorious white Docs.

Oh my god! I was still blond when this was taken!

Cotton On dress, Target scarf/belt, thrifted blouse, old grey jeans, Docs.

Docs, Target tights, Stella McCartney dress/shirt from China, and I don’t know where I got that skirt? I just wanted something peeking underneath so I didn’t look like a smurf.

Awesome purple dress from costume shop in China. Old leggings, Boots are obviously Docs.

I promise I’ll start uploading better pictures for the rest of my posts. No more Photobooth or cell phone pics.



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