Three Mediocre DIY s

A velvet Wonderwoman bowtie. Made it out of fabric from an old headband, torn off the plastic, un-hemmed and stitched into a loop. Then I hot glued on a cake topper I got for 50 cents at a joke shop. Simply pin to any shirt! (works best with collars. It looks kind of stupid on a tee shirt where you can clearly see the pin.)

My crown of mini action figures, inspired by this Rookie article. Army guy, ballerina and pirate from joke shop: About $0.50 each. Headband from CVS: $3 for a whole package. Creativity: Priceless! (But no, it’s not that creative and that was the worst joke ever.)

Dobby Lego hair clip! Pretty self-explanatory: acquire Lego Harry Potter set. Glue the Dobby to a bobby pin. Sorry for the terrible quality photos. Photobooth is awful.





6 thoughts on “Three Mediocre DIY s

  1. oh lawdy all of your dyi’s are the cats pajamas. especially your wonder woman bowtie. aagh your super cool. seriously.why have i never been on your blog before

  2. The crown is amazing!!! I love the ballerina!! and a dobby lego hair clip?! ERG!! AWESOME!!! anywaaaayyyysss… I love your blog, especially because your like young like me… sorry I realize now that that sounded reeeaaaalllly creepy… so lalalala!

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