New White Docs!


They are as white as fresh-fallen snow and they look as soft as a kitten’s paws.

They are beautiful and pure.

In fact, they’re almost pastel-white. Does that make sense?

They are simply wonderful in every way, and they make everything else I own look like crap.

The end.


5 thoughts on “New White Docs!

  1. They’re awesome, I agree. And a perfect shade of white (White has different shades. I’m likely the only one to think so but hey, whatever!) Why don’t I have docs? :(

  2. Those are really lovely docs! Just read your last post on Rookie, and you’re actually so cool; I think people are just jealous of how mature you are in comparison to them :) x

  3. ksajfjdgkdfhg your shoes are so perfect. They look like western lace up boots from the 40s except in doc martens form. overall they’re kind of the best thing since sliced bread

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