Black Ribbon

Recently I’ve been wearing a black ribbon every day. Not on purpose, but every day, usually as a choker or in my hair, or like Sandy from Grease (ribbon ponytail) but with longer bangs. I like how it looks with my super-pale skin- like a vampire. Here’s what I look like and some more black ribbon stuff because I just like the idea of wearing it as a tie. Also, ignore my messy hair.

“The Schoolgirl”

“The Sandy”

“The MeadhamKirchhoff Choker

“The Cute Japanese School Uniform”

The inspiration (especially for the last one)

Jason Wu Fall 2011

Emile Hirsch (I actually don’t know who he is… an actor, right?)

Meadham Kirchhoff RTW Spring 2012 (Is this what Twiggy’s eyes look like when she cries?)

Alexa Chung

Jenny (but her ribbon was green)


You probably remember Savvy from A Witch’s Style. Her old address ( has magically been deleted! Eek! It’s really too bad because she had some awesome outfit posts. But she’s going to continue blogging from her new domain ( so quit your crying and update the link in your blogroll! I just thought I’d let you know because I was upset about her blog being gone, as it was one of my favorites, and now I get to see it again!


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