I found some Sophie Calle books downstairs: “Do You See Me” and “Double Game”.

My mom loves Sophie Calle and everything French.

Sophie Calle is a contemporary French artist who is known for following strangers and documenting their private lives through photography and writing. She takes pictures of hotel rooms, the people she “spies” on, and taxidermy animals. She has been fictionalized and turned into a character in three different novels. The following picture is from her book “Double Game”, co-authored with Paul Auster.

Once, she let 28 people sleep in her bed for eight hour shifts in eight days so she could photograph them. Another time, she followed a man named “Henri” from Paris to Venice to document his travels.

She met a man at a party but hated his tie. She anonymously sent him a better one for his own good. She decided to dress him head to toe and sent him one beautiful article of clothing- one year a hat, one year pants, etc- every Christmas until he had a complete outfit. She did all of this anonymously.

I love this picture (below). Trench coats, cute`111111111112l;;;; round hats, pigeons. Like a more artsy form of Japanese street style picture.


Another wonderful spy is Harriet the Spy. She is eleven and also enjoys spying and writing about her subjects. She wears glasses and red sweatshirts.

She follows people, spying on them, and writes about them in her special notebook. Though she is a little harsh and it gets her in trouble, she is still creative and an excellent spy. She reminds me quite a bit of Sophie Calle.


Those are two spies I am going to write about, as I think they are probably the most well-known and interesting.

As some of you probably know, I recently wrote for Rookie. The link is here if you are interested in reading it:



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