I am finally wearing pants/trousers! O, fraptious day!

The perfect little-cousin’s-birthday-party-outfit! Two people complimented my Docs. I wear them every day!

This is my favorite headband. It’s all embroidered and it’s so pretty!


Wearing: Vietnamese headband; Cotton On tee shirt; old cardigan that I think used to be my mom’s; hand-me-down orange corduroys; and Doctor Marten boots, as usual.

I remember that once a kid asked if I was Christian or anti-Christian while wearing this shirt because of the upside-down cross-like figures in the owl’s eyes.


5 thoughts on “Pants!

  1. your glasses, top, pants and just everything is amazing! you’re pretty damn cool so glad I followed the link on Rookie to check out your blog, I’ve bookmarked you so I can read it regularly

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