“But… you’re not goth, are you?”

I really didn’t mean to rip my tights. A loose thread got caught on my chair in science. I was wearing a pretty short mostly-black dress (this) and black Doc boots. I also happened to be wearing a Vietnamese navy headband. Someone asked me if I was goth now.

My webcam is really messed up and it took 2 pictures. Which do you prefer? I like the 2nd one. it kind of looks film-ish and vintage.















Today I had the delightful experience of calling a boy who lives down the street to ask if he wanted to hang out. I was all alone on a Saturday, stuck at home, and I wanted some frozen yogurt but didn’t want to go alone. Besides, we sat together at lunch, and talked about Chuck Norris and string ensemble (he plays viola, I play upright bass), so I kind of assumed we were friends. He wasn’t home and later I got a message from the kid. He had that “uh-why-did-you-call-me-you-weirdo” tone to his voice and said “um” a lot in a very intentional way. Great. I’m getting kind of sick of how girls in the USA can’t be friends with guys. I try to be friendly and we always get along well at school, but if we hang out, suddenly it’s weird. Why can’t we all just be friends and make a cake of rainbows and smiles and then we can all eat it and be happy?

Is it my tights?

In other non-fashion-related news, I got the part of Lady Larken in the school play, “Once Upon a Mattress”. It was a lead in the original but in the middle school version I just have one song and my character is an idiot. I still get to sing, though (a duet with Sir Harry, my fiance) and so I guess that means they thought I didn’t suck at it too much. Yay me! (London Tipton, anyone?) (Oh god.) I’m pretty happy!

Wearing: Dad’s wrinkly shirt with rolled-up sleeves; thrifted denim shirt (tucked into back); Forever 21 green corduroy skirt; ripped Target tights; Docter Marten boots.


7 thoughts on ““But… you’re not goth, are you?”

  1. I totally understand you about the boys thing, sometimes I talk to the boys and then my friends will be like ”oooh what were you talking about? do you fancy him? awwwwhhh!” Uh no we were just having a laugh…I love this outfit, by the way, i think the ripped tights make better actually!

  2. Weeeeee Ruby, you little genius. So happy I discovered your gorgeous blog this afternoon. What a superstar stylist you are. BE SO PROUD of your confidence. Only wish I had been as truly badass as you are when I was 13. Rock on babes. You’ve found a reg follower now.

  3. Boys love it when you call. They want you to call. Remain confident. Boys and girls can have common interests and friendships.

  4. Ah! Ruby! I totally agree with the whole “girls can’t be friends with boys thing.” Sometimes I just want to hang out with a guy, but in the US “hanging out” is the new word for “going on a date” or, “hooking up.” So weird. I just want to hang out with a dude and be friends, but I feel like he’ll think I’m coming on to him.


  5. 1. AWWW thanks for being my first follower :)

    2. I completely relate! I sit next to this guy in my Science class (and other classes) and because my teacher is super strict we pass notes and draw “abstract” pictures and things. After being friends for about two weeks, people starting coming up to me and saying thinks like “Are you going out with him because you could do WAY better” and stuff along those lines. It is so annoying!

    3. I looooooove your skirt

    4. Oh my gosh! the Suite Life of Zack and Cody reference is evoking nostalgia! Hold on while I bring out my baby album…

    5. I think I have a mild case of SAD because the snowflakes on your page are making me…sad

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