I have no post ideas, so here are some old outfit pictures. Sorry.

What did you wish for at 11:11 11/11/11?  I missed it by a few minutes and was really really really sad. But I did get a chance in the AM one.

I know nothing about politics but I always liked this shirt. Sorry everyone if he’s terrible, and you’re welcome if he’s awesome.

I was too lazy to go put on shoes for this outfit, as I haven’t left the house all day. I wore my new Docs if you were wondering. Also, as you CANNOT SEE (I HATE NOT HAVING A CAMERA) I am wearing a Vietnamese skirt and my long skirt with crosses on it that makes me feel like a mall-goth-witch-Ouija-board-maniac.

This is what I wore to my cousin’s 6th birthday dinner last night. He was adorable! This dress really is blueish purple, but Photobooth is a little beotch. Also, it looks more like a circle-skirt in dress form than a potato sack, not that you could ever tell by this picture.

I wore my Daria army jacket (not actually Daria merchandise, but it looks just like her’s!) and carried my cigar box purse. It was still quite “simple” for me, and I felt too minimalistic and plain, so I added a bunch of pins and buttons to the jacket.

I love semi-opaque tights because all knees are gross looking.

I’m working on a skirt, and it’s not looking good so far. More on that later though! Byesies, my readers, darlings! Thanks for my daily 80 page views/day on average. I know it’s not that much but it looks like a big number and I’m really happy that you guys have been so loyal to this blog! I never thought that anyone read it.


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