Is it okay to bring a purse made of a cigar box to school?

Science is BORING. Aaah. I don’t mind any other subjects, and I do okay in science, it’s just that it’s so BORING. Now we’re making cars and we’re going to race them. It’s supposed to teach us about Newton’s laws of motion. I know what you’re thinking… “wow, how fun! You get to play games and race cars and decorate things with glitter in class!”… but it’s not like that. It’s tedious and you need to do all these measurements and gluing and working with other people (I hate working with other people for school projects, even my best friends) and stuff. I decided to actually acomplish something useful in that time so as I worked I made some duct tape accessories. The necklace I made was terrible, so I gave it to a seventh grader and he flipped out with joy, and wore it around all day. I don’t get it either, but he’s like my favorite person now.

Pretty, aren’t they? I’m getting quite good at them and people are asking me to make them some. (Is this sarcasm?)

On an even lighter note, I went into a vintage store a few months ago and found this cool purse made of a cigar box. It was like $30 or something though (I’m cheap) so I just forgot about it until a few days ago, when I went back and saw that it was still there for less than half the original price!

Here it is! My new favorite purse!

And a question for you today: Do you prefer reading outfit posts, inspiration posts, reviews or comments on runway stuff when you read fashion blogs? Also, please let me know what you think about the title. I probably won’t  bring it but I’d like to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Is it okay to bring a purse made of a cigar box to school?

  1. hey ruby i prefer reading outfit posts when i read blogs and eyah I do think you should bring it to school cause it’s different and looks really cool. :)
    #from catherine a.k.a the style fairy~

  2. I would totally bring it to school, I think if a teacher told me not to take again it would make it even more fun! I love it so much, I wish I had one. I like outfit posts the most, thats why the majority of posts on my own blog are outfits.

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