Images from thestylerookie.com (first 2), Edward Gory, style.com, and the rest are from a few random tumblrs. Let me know if a picture is yours so I can credit you.

It’s snowing in Rhode Island. Two weeks ago it was too hot to have gym outside. What?!

Also, I’m going to be Bob Saget for Halloween, if nobody gives me another idea. (brown wig, ugly sweater, khaki pants) What are you going to be for Halloween? Who is the witchiest person you know? The old lady down the street? Your math teacher? Molly Soda?



2 thoughts on “Witch

  1. We don´t celebrate Halloween in the boring, old, Netherlands. That didn’t stop me from dressing up to school, though. I wore a black dress, purple/red cardigan, nerdy leggings, a scarf and a cape with skulls, which my classmates found really scary/interesting/weird/all of them.

    The scariest person I know is definately my geography teacher. ‘So, Narita, did you came here on a broomstick or on a bicycle?’

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