I was (and still kind of am) the kind of kid who pretended that brands did not exist because simple things were easy and pretty. I wished that milk cartons would only say “MILK” in big bold letters instead of “Stonyfield Farms organic pasturized blalaoldhslojdfhjbvudfj”. I hated wearing words on my shirt and wished everyone could wear brandless solid-colored shirts and pants or dresses, like in science textbooks when they show demonstrations and aren’t allowed to advertise or draw attention to the people themselves. I have no idea why, but a plain and outlined world always appealed to me. This video brought back my OCD-esque feelings that made me hide my sister’s “GAP” tee shirts and replace it with one with bold red and blue stripes.

This is a very old video by Tavi and her sister. Isn’t it great? I know there is a lot of meaning behind it, but what I’m focusing on now is the style. The solid-colored balloons and non-generic mug, the bold-patterned socks and Tavi’s hair that says “I don’t need to be explained. Nobody’s going to ask me if I dyed my hair. It’s just bright red. That’s just the way it is.”

Everything may as well be outlined in black in my former ideal world. It may as well be a cartoon. But now I’m slowly realizing that detail doesn’t crowd a picture; it makes it beautiful. I don’t have to walk with purpose in each stride; strolling and thinking about everything in detail can be a beautiful ride.

“There isn’t a point. That’s what makes it candy.” -Charlie Bucket on the purpose of making chocolate

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