Today’s inspiration post is about sidekicks of the hero. Where would we be without them? Who would get the girl who was slightly less attractive than the hero’s girlfriend? Who would lead the main characters into disaster and hilarity?! (These are in no particular order.)

1. Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley

He might not be “fashionable” or know a thing about fashion at all, but his mom makes some fly sweaters in his least favorite color- maroon.

(Image source)

2. Jane Lane from “Daria”

She’s super cool and artsy, and she has an awesome haircut and boots. I love her more than Darren Criss loves Red Vines.

(Image Source)

3. That kid from the 2011 “Footloose” who wears all those hats

I don’t know his name but I do like hats. (Image is a still from the movie Footloose)

4. Sam Puckett from “iCarly”

I don’t know if iCarly is literally the best thing ever, but I do laugh at the unmentioned penny-tees that she makes.

(Image sources 1 and 2)

5. Joey Richter as Ron Weasley from “A Very Potter Musical”

I picked him because wears collared shirts under eighties sweaters, a terrible red wig and his famous blue headband. Also I’m in love with him. He’s totally awesome.

(Image source: See image)

PS: This is my 100th post! Thanks for reading and commenting for these past few months!


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