Wallpaper, not wallflower

Today our living room got wallpapered!!! I wish I had thought to take a before picture because it looks to different. Look at the pretty birds!!!

Now, for a very special outfit post. Why is it so special, you ask?

Well… it’s a celebration outfit! I’m wearing a crinoline and itchy sleeves and a million (2) layers because I DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE IN AND OUT OF MY CLOTHES TODAY! That’s right… the brutal torture, AKA field hockey season, is over! Now I don’t have to do a sport for the whole rest of the year! Whoop for wimps!

I am wearing~ Shoes: Vans. Socks: Target. Tights: Target. Tee shirt: hand-me-downed, from Wilco. Pins: yard sale. Skirt: Vietnam. Dress: (Worn as crinoline and puffy sleeves) old Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume I attacked with scissors. Sorry for this unintentional “You disgust me, I’m so posh” bitchface.

This is what was underneath the Vietnames supercool skirt, which made it puffy and awesome (and itchy).

What is the most uncomfortable piece of clothing you own?


One thought on “Wallpaper, not wallflower

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