Fashion in Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse

“Welcome to the Dollhouse” is a mid-90s dark comedy about middle-schooler Dawn Weiners and how everyone is mean to her, pretty much. Her sister Missy is spoiled, her teachers hate her, her peers hate her, and the school bullies torment her. But the best part about it is that she’s not very special. She’s just a normal girl who’s not always super-nice, or very creative, or especially smart. That way, more people can identify with her than with characters such as Cady from Mean Girls, or Rachel from Glee, for example, because they are virtually perfect people who are just unpopular for no reason. She’s not one of those fake “awkward” characters who are really attractive and intelligent but just can’t seem to get a boyfriend. (Note on the Glee thing: Sure, she’s obnoxious, but don’t pretend she’s not gorgeous and talented. The gorgeous part is what I’m stressing the most; unfortunately, looks are a large part of popularity in school. Don’t pretend that she dresses too conservatively to have anyone notice her. She doesn’t- she looks like a “sexy” version of some schoolgirl halloween costume.)

Anyway, onto the pictures. I love the guy’s glasses, and Dawn’s, too! They look a lot like Tavi’s before she got contacts. And the collar on that shirt… I love it!

This sweater is ugly; I love it. If only she had thought to pair it with black Doc Marten boots.

omgI have no words for that shirt, I love it so much, it cancels out the XL-from-the-childrens-section pants.


3 thoughts on “Fashion in Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse

  1. Hey there. Good job on this article. Aren’t you a bit upset that Brandon and Dawn didn’t end up together? And how about that wierd little sequel called palindromes? I hated it but what do you think?

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