flannel shirts = hipster?

Today I went for a run (AGAINST MY WILL, I SWEAR, I HAVE NOT BEEN BRAINWASHED) and then just threw on some random stuff from my floor. Here’s what I look like when I really don’t think about it at all and I’m too lazy to look through the inspiration pictures all over my computer’s desktop.  I wore my new (old) powder-blue priesty blouse with the collar from Savers and a Forever 21 skirt. It’s the only Forever 21 thing I own… one of the only pieces of clothing I own that isn’t from a thrift store, a hand-me-down, or some little random shop in China. It reminds me of Isabel from the blog Hipster Musings. I think she would like it very much, and wear it with a short cardigan and high-waisted black pants.

This picture makes the shirt look terrible! It looks white and too big and see-through! What on earth was I doing with my shoulders? Damn self-timer, Y U NO give me an extra 3 seconds to stand properly?

This picture is a bit better. Note the plastic green bug in my hair, it’s a DIY that I’m rather fond of.

Typing that last sentence made me think of that quote from HP1: “Lemon drop. They’re a muggle sweet I’m rather fond of.” -Albus Dumbledore.



3 thoughts on “flannel shirts = hipster?

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