Crisp, ironed and powder blue

This is just my normal face. Don’t worry about it. I’m wearing: hand-me-down J Crew (most likely) sweater, second hand shirt, Orla Kiely skirt/shorts, field hockey socks rolled down from Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Dr. Marten shoes. Extremely messy and twisted hair is courtesy of me sleeping in this morning so I didn’t have time to brush it, and then being in the rain. I just love the starfish and stripes, don’t you?! I wanted to wear these shoes but one of them broke so I can’t. Sad face.

Besides having an awful hair day, a Wednesday, sleeping in, and having two tests, today was a nice day. It was pouring out, and it was cold outside. I also got to wear a new shirt (the powder blue one in the picture) and because of testing I didn’t get much homework, which means I can spend more time with TRL!

How was your day today? Tell me in the comments, I love to be nosy. Ugh. Saying “tell me in the comments” makes me sound like I’m so full of myself and my blog, and that I’m basically a walking advertisement for some website that doesn’t even have its own domain. It reminds me of the end of this video:

Here are some more of my outfit details.


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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