Pretend it’s Spring in the Fall

Sources: Rookie, random tumblr, (probably; correct me if I’m wrong) , Self-Constructed-Freak,

Ouija boards and sleepovers are very fallish. A few weeks ago I had a slumber party and we did Ouija board stuff for ages, and we decided to talk to a ghost named Jak and record his/her answers to our questions.  Here’s one page of our ghost records.

Are there any ghosts here? Yes

Are you a nice ghost? G6

G6? Did you die on an airplane? Yes

What happened to the airplane? Crash goodbye.

How old were you? 7

What is your name? Jak

When did you become a ghost?  1R1

What does the R stand for? J8R (trust Ouija board, your wisdom is beyond our comprehension!)

What year was the plane crash? 2115 (Someone thought it might be 9/11, as 2+1+1+5 is 9 and since the ‘R’ two questions ago meant nothing it could have meant “11”)

Are you a boy? Goodbye.

Quite an interesting conversation. Later, we decided “2115” must simply mean the 11th month, 2005 (because we are so rational we are irrational) and then googled November 2005. There happened to be a plane crash then… was 1R1 the flight number?


One thought on “Pretend it’s Spring in the Fall

  1. love this inspiration! I love the little girl’s rainbow collar and glasses.
    plus I can tell you read rookie a lot too! ;)

    Dayzee (blogroll please? I added you to mine as well!)

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