I have seen a crazy amount of “fall vibes” posts around Tumblr and the teen blogosphere, so while I’m home sick (OPM) (Oh, poor me) I decided to make my own. I love Fall, it’s my favorite season!

Sources: Google images,, unknown (please comment if you know) and the last is drawn/written by me


I know this is super short, but I might create a part 2 later.


PS: Lauren Gabel (lauren.gabel AT alloydigital DOT com) wants casting help. She does a Webseries and needs teens to be cast! Here is her message:

“Dressing Under the Influence is a non-scripted series that explores the phenomenon in which mothers are now raiding their DAUGHTERS closets for clothes.

Are you a teen or young adult whose mother constantly raids her closet? Then this is the show for you! We’re looking for frustrated teens and young adults (ages 15-21) whose mothers are borrowing their clothes and are in need of a wardrobe intervention!”

I will be hosting one or two episodes to see how it goes, and after that I might do more. Please contact her!


Whenever I get a comment, I become as happy as a lark blowing bubbles in the dark.

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