Sixties Sketches

Tomorrow I turn fourteen and for my birthday my grandmother, who grew up in the sixties (lucky!), gave me a very very special present!

She was once interested in fashion and such (“You can talk to her about your crazy ideas”) when she was a teenager. She, on her own, would sketch dresses and paint models and copy drawings. Then, 40-something years later, she put them all into a binder and gave them to me. She said I might get a kick out of them. I did- do you? (Please don’t use without permission)

The cover.

What’s inside?

Here is some of the content, all drawn on fragile parchment. (Kind of looks like the project you did in 5th grade when you dipped paper in tea).

A street sketch in pencil of some faceless sporters of patterned goodness. (Can this sentence have more adjectives please?)

Sorry about the bad photo, it was laminated…

She’s smoking! Lololololol.And finally, a painting. It’s very good, isn’t it? Look at the guy’s shoes!!

I think this is really cool. What are your thoughts? Please tell me in the comments! I love getting comments! They can be your birthday present to me (among a ukulele, giftcard to Berk’s, and an edible ring in the shape of a fish, and others. You’ve got competition.)

Please don't use any images without permission.

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