Images from thestylerookie.com (first 2), Edward Gory, style.com, and the rest are from a few random tumblrs. Let me know if a picture is yours so I can credit you.

It’s snowing in Rhode Island. Two weeks ago it was too hot to have gym outside. What?!

Also, I’m going to be Bob Saget for Halloween, if nobody gives me another idea. (brown wig, ugly sweater, khaki pants) What are you going to be for Halloween? Who is the witchiest person you know? The old lady down the street? Your math teacher? Molly Soda?



Sometimes people think they can’t get into fashion or be a fashion blogger because they don’t have enough clothes, or they can’t afford designer or ‘high-fashion’ pieces. There are a few things you can do. You can make clothes, go to your local thrift store like Savers or Salvation Army, or re-fashion clothes. This just means wearing them in a different way or changing them. Here’s a little video I made that’s sort of related to this:


I was (and still kind of am) the kind of kid who pretended that brands did not exist because simple things were easy and pretty. I wished that milk cartons would only say “MILK” in big bold letters instead of “Stonyfield Farms organic pasturized blalaoldhslojdfhjbvudfj”. I hated wearing words on my shirt and wished everyone could wear brandless solid-colored shirts and pants or dresses, like in science textbooks when they show demonstrations and aren’t allowed to advertise or draw attention to the people themselves. I have no idea why, but a plain and outlined world always appealed to me. This video brought back my OCD-esque feelings that made me hide my sister’s “GAP” tee shirts and replace it with one with bold red and blue stripes.

This is a very old video by Tavi and her sister. Isn’t it great? I know there is a lot of meaning behind it, but what I’m focusing on now is the style. The solid-colored balloons and non-generic mug, the bold-patterned socks and Tavi’s hair that says “I don’t need to be explained. Nobody’s going to ask me if I dyed my hair. It’s just bright red. That’s just the way it is.”

Everything may as well be outlined in black in my former ideal world. It may as well be a cartoon. But now I’m slowly realizing that detail doesn’t crowd a picture; it makes it beautiful. I don’t have to walk with purpose in each stride; strolling and thinking about everything in detail can be a beautiful ride.

“There isn’t a point. That’s what makes it candy.” -Charlie Bucket on the purpose of making chocolate

Insert clipart and stock images here.


Today’s inspiration post is about sidekicks of the hero. Where would we be without them? Who would get the girl who was slightly less attractive than the hero’s girlfriend? Who would lead the main characters into disaster and hilarity?! (These are in no particular order.)

1. Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley

He might not be “fashionable” or know a thing about fashion at all, but his mom makes some fly sweaters in his least favorite color- maroon.

(Image source)

2. Jane Lane from “Daria”

She’s super cool and artsy, and she has an awesome haircut and boots. I love her more than Darren Criss loves Red Vines.

(Image Source)

3. That kid from the 2011 “Footloose” who wears all those hats

I don’t know his name but I do like hats. (Image is a still from the movie Footloose)

4. Sam Puckett from “iCarly”

I don’t know if iCarly is literally the best thing ever, but I do laugh at the unmentioned penny-tees that she makes.

(Image sources 1 and 2)

5. Joey Richter as Ron Weasley from “A Very Potter Musical”

I picked him because wears collared shirts under eighties sweaters, a terrible red wig and his famous blue headband. Also I’m in love with him. He’s totally awesome.

(Image source: See image)

PS: This is my 100th post! Thanks for reading and commenting for these past few months!

Flimed with a Potato

Look at my weird nightstand! It looks like a troll or something!

For some reason I get freaked out if people or things touch the inside of my wrist so I drew the deathly hollows on my arm instead.

My first pair of Docs are still loved to death!

the deets, yo. (deets?) (yo?)

Wearing: Shoes- Doctor Martens. Tights- Target. Shirt- thrift store. Skirt- Urban Outfitters. The Tin Man ring is a cake-topper and the deathly hallows is drawn on my arm in pen. (Because you might have wondered if it were marker instead!)

Love always,


Meadham Kitchoff

It looks like somebody just stuck the fashion turd, a few clowns, a cute white kitten, a few Lime Crime lipsticks, and Twiggy’s eyes into a blender, poured it all into model-shaped tins, and let it solidify. No? Must be Meadham Kitchoff’s new Spring 2012 RTW collection.

Featured on Rookie, Vouge.com and countless Tumblrs and fashion blogs, this unique and beautiful show is getting a lot of well-deserved attention. Maya Singer from style.com recalls that “[it] had a few showgoers shedding tears”. Somehow, the candy-colored display of clothing (not to mention hair and makeup, which were huge parts), which looked like mega-colorful vintage cartoons, was strangely touching. It ranged from bright solid colors to frilly lace pastels, from slender silhouettes to giant crinoline-like skirts. I even remember seeing one outfit (online, of course) that reminded me strangely of a baby doll, with a cape, “onesie” (not really) and bonnet.

Click the images to make them larger. What do you think? It’s making me want to get rainbow hair! In fact… stay tuned to see if I actually try to go through with something similar. Here’s the first image I found, which I think sums up the whole collection nicely.

PS: Go to Rookie (click the link in this post) and find the beautiful crowns!


Wallpaper, not wallflower

Today our living room got wallpapered!!! I wish I had thought to take a before picture because it looks to different. Look at the pretty birds!!!

Now, for a very special outfit post. Why is it so special, you ask?

Well… it’s a celebration outfit! I’m wearing a crinoline and itchy sleeves and a million (2) layers because I DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE IN AND OUT OF MY CLOTHES TODAY! That’s right… the brutal torture, AKA field hockey season, is over! Now I don’t have to do a sport for the whole rest of the year! Whoop for wimps!

I am wearing~ Shoes: Vans. Socks: Target. Tights: Target. Tee shirt: hand-me-downed, from Wilco. Pins: yard sale. Skirt: Vietnam. Dress: (Worn as crinoline and puffy sleeves) old Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume I attacked with scissors. Sorry for this unintentional “You disgust me, I’m so posh” bitchface.

This is what was underneath the Vietnames supercool skirt, which made it puffy and awesome (and itchy).

What is the most uncomfortable piece of clothing you own?

Fashion in Movies: Welcome to the Dollhouse

“Welcome to the Dollhouse” is a mid-90s dark comedy about middle-schooler Dawn Weiners and how everyone is mean to her, pretty much. Her sister Missy is spoiled, her teachers hate her, her peers hate her, and the school bullies torment her. But the best part about it is that she’s not very special. She’s just a normal girl who’s not always super-nice, or very creative, or especially smart. That way, more people can identify with her than with characters such as Cady from Mean Girls, or Rachel from Glee, for example, because they are virtually perfect people who are just unpopular for no reason. She’s not one of those fake “awkward” characters who are really attractive and intelligent but just can’t seem to get a boyfriend. (Note on the Glee thing: Sure, she’s obnoxious, but don’t pretend she’s not gorgeous and talented. The gorgeous part is what I’m stressing the most; unfortunately, looks are a large part of popularity in school. Don’t pretend that she dresses too conservatively to have anyone notice her. She doesn’t- she looks like a “sexy” version of some schoolgirl halloween costume.)

Anyway, onto the pictures. I love the guy’s glasses, and Dawn’s, too! They look a lot like Tavi’s before she got contacts. And the collar on that shirt… I love it!

This sweater is ugly; I love it. If only she had thought to pair it with black Doc Marten boots.

omgI have no words for that shirt, I love it so much, it cancels out the XL-from-the-childrens-section pants.