Mall loita

I don’t know if I’ll wear this out today. I hope so, but for now I’m cooped up.

I don’t claim to be loita, or dress loita, or wear loita things, but I still think this picture screams “MALL GOTH LOITA”. I don’t really have any experience with loita/dolly-kei/etc styles, but today I felt like faking it. I even followed some gothic loita makeup tutorials for the past couple days. Today I made my lips black and red and shiny.

And I have 2 things for you to consider today (please tell me in the comments!):

Have you ever felt “fake” when you wore something that fell under a style that you didn’t know  much about? Ever been called “mall goth”, “emo (etc)”, “fake” or a “poser”?

And (I know this is seemingly random)

What should I do next with my hair? Should I get a bowl cut? Dye my bangs? Make my whole head blue? Re-dye my tips? Get a perm? I want to hear your thoughts! My hair’s getting boring!


One thought on “Mall loita

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