Nobody sees the goalie’s cute skirt!

…But I love these cute field hockey uniforms! They’re the best part of playing a sport. (there’s not much competition for the “best things about sports” award, if you ask me.) We get to wear adorable little skirts and knee socks! We also have to keep our bangs out of our faces… and I have to put mine in a tiny ponytail in front of my head like a unicorn -_- SERIOUSLY HAIR?!!

Speaking of which, there are some serious 90s cheerleader vibes going on on the back of my head. We all had to wear ribbon bows for our ponytails!So much homework and shiz going on, but I’m going to start making some more frequent and interesting posts soon when I get into the swing of things a little more. Nobody reads a fashion blog to see a hockey uniform. So I’ll show you my fascinating bedroom instead! Everyone wants to see that!Things to note: Weird painting of a pink guy with a bird on his head (too dark to see the bird), halloween decorations, copy of HP7

Near the door. Things to note: Bass, statue of some weird elf guy or something (my nightstand for now), portrait of Spud McKenzie.

My favorite corner! TTN: Vintage mirror covered in beads, giant stuffed dog, Hong Kong movie poster, comfy low chair

Also, the following pictures are random from my computer. THEY HAVE NO KNOWN SOURCES. Please please tell me if a) they are yours, or b) you know the source. If you want them down tell me and I’ll take them off immediately. They are most likely from a random Google image or one of the blogs in my blogroll, if that helps.

From Dayzee’s blog

THiS IS THE MOST ADORABLE SHOE STYLE! My friend Megan has similar ones (below):

Sorry, but I think Megan’s are even cuter; they have 2 straps and BOWS! <3

For good measure, here’s her whole outfit:

She wears bindis and chunky funky (!) necklaces. Sorry the picture is so dark.
I wish I were Daria.
Actually, I know this source. It’s from Tavi’s new web zine, Rookie. This cute little kid in the collar is really cool, find the article about her, I’m too lazy to find the actual link. It was posted yesterday or the day before if that helps :\

Probably, but I don’t know. I’m stupid; I just save cool stuff onto my desktop without bothering to link back to where I got it.  Also I want a cape.


That’s all, friends. Fartheewell or something.


2 thoughts on “Nobody sees the goalie’s cute skirt!

  1. Has anybody ever told you that you look a LOT like Taylor Swift? In fact, I thought that picture was actually of her, at first!

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